Winchester City DTC Championship Show

Thank you Everyone who contributed to make yesterday’s show the success it was.

Our judges, stewards and stay team gave up their day willingly, so many club members turned out to help out with whatever jobs were needed for setting up at 6am to clearing away at 6pm. All of whom are needed for the day to take place.

The weather was just right for most of the day, warm and dry.

Thank you to all competitors for looking after the venue so well and helping to make the days atmosphere so warm and friendly.

We certainly appreciated all the complements, making all the hard work worthwhile, plus some useful suggestions for the future.

Finally many congratulations to all our class winners. We look forward to seeing you all again on Sunday 8 July 2020.

I do have a few items of lost property, 1 fleece jacket, 1 cardigan and 1 treat bag. Contact me directly to arrange for the return of what belongs to you.

Sue Garner

Show secretary’s report – BILLINGSHURST DTC

Once again we have survived another show. It was a marvellous weekend weather-wise.

We had a strong team, assisted by campers, putting up on Friday and another team, assisted by South Eastern members, taking down on Sunday.

It all seemed to go very smoothly.

The quiz on Saturday evening made £45 for our charity so thank you to Karen and her team for keeping everyone on their toes.

The training ring made £87 for the charity so thank you to Sally, Sue and Lynda for their hard work.

A few other personal mentions:- Chief Steward Sandra Cobbold, Show Manager Wendy Fisher, catering manager Marion Clarke, Chief Stay steward Lesley Holmes, Newbies Buddy and photographer Lin Bagley and anyone else who I have accidentally overlooked THANK YOU.

Alongside those special people are all our judges, stewards and stay stewards for giving up their day and not forgetting all you lovely competitors because without you we wouldn’t be running a show.

Congratulations to all our class winners and good luck to everyone for the rest of the season.

See you all next year on 27th June 2020.

Eunice. Show Secretary

Cheshire Dog Training Association – Secretary’s Report

Well, what a fab weekend we had for our very first double championship show and celebrating our 60th anniversary. Weather was terrific, though a tad too hot on Saturday then a downpour albeit for a short time, on Sunday evening.

Once again, we received many lovely comments both about our Show and the delicious lunch, once again provided by the fab Paul Burbridge-Grant – thanks Paul ! also the famous yummy Kathy Mangan cakes for afternoon tea.

We would like to thank the Judges, Stewards, Scribes and Scoreboards Stewards for giving up your time which is very much appreciated and to the Committee and members of CDTA who, without your help, would not have been able to put on such a successful weekend show.

We would like to congratulate our Ticket winners – Jodi and Fia and Mary and Frankie on Saturday and Jodi and Fia and Dot and Zyco on Sunday – good luck at Crufts 2020.

The dates for our double championship show next year is Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June.

Lisa Stock

Chairman’s report – Chalfield

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday to our lovely little show.After all the rain of the previous week, I think everyone was shocked how good the ground was. Near perfect actually. Apart from a couple of quick showers, the weather was great almost perfect to work the dogs.
Apart from a few little moans( which will be rectified for next year) I got some lovely feedback from competitors & judges alike.
I hope everyone was happy with their placings yesterday.
Now onto the thank yous…..
Firstly our lovely judges & stewards for giving up their day to work for us at the show.
I got some lovely comments after especially from Nigel Slater , Julie Rowlands, Joan Kent, and more.
Thank you to Graham wellings & his stay team keeping everything in order in the stays.
Thank you to all the judges who stepped in at the last minute, we had 5 judge changes this year more than we have ever had.
Thank you to Linda Wild for the Rosettes as always, were lovely.
Huge thanks to our saturday night team who got set up in record time, and all our club help on sunday.
Two people who are not committee my husband Paul who supports me in my hobby at the shows & training, and my daughter Hayley who was marshalling at the playground first thing, Thanks guys .
Finally a pat on the back to the4 plus me on Chalfield committee, We keep doing it year after year,its fabulous !!!
See you all next year 21st June 2020.
Apologies if I have forgotten anyone.
Kind Regards
Sheila – Chairman of Chalfield DTC 🐶🐶🐶🐶

Show secretary’s Report – Newbury

The Newbury Open Obedience Show – Sunday 9th June 2019.

Well what a show it was this year. Everything was going according to plan but then The DIVERSION hit us. Yes, the M4 was open, the A34 was open but the two couldn’t meet as the Roundabout at junction 13 which joins them was Closed!! Oh my word, that ‘fan’ soon became clogged with ‘it’.

I rang the Highways Authority (HA) and liaised with Andrew Dicker from the Agility show – which was being held on the same weekend and only half a mile away. Unfortunately they couldn’t change anything but did say they would put a ‘Diversion/Showground’ sign at the Robin Hood Roundabout and the B4009. They were also most helpful sending maps and clear instructions to me for issue to whoever wanted them, and there were lots who did.

I also rang the Kennel Club to ascertain what we could do with regard to the Booking-in time and they granted me special dispensation to extend it! They also said it was up to me, as Show Secretary, to amend or make any other adjustments I thought necessary to aid the smooth running of the Show, despite the inconvenient diversions. . In fact, the only thing I thought necessary was to re-schedule the first Stays. The KC couldn’t have been more helpful and I thank them very much.

Some of the other people who were a huge help to me at this time were Bernice, Les, Rebecca, Sue G, Heidi, Joan, and the man with all the answers, our Supremo, Roy. Thank you All so much, you really helped to ease my problems.

Then there are the usual prolific and willing workers who knuckle down and produce the ‘nuts and bolts’ every year which culminate in our usual happy and efficient show. ie The early Saturday crew of Angie, the inimitable ring planner, laminater and notice provider; the Ever-Ready champion Gofer Carol, who is only happy when she’s working, paint spraying and bashing in the wobbly posts, and me with my can of paint. The rest of the crew arrive about 10.30am and carefully venture into the container, sorting, removing, and then erecting the ropes and stakes. Joan organises the hall together with the flower ladies Wendy and Diane. Pet Needs provides us with the trophies. Ellie, Sue and Martin provide the bacon butties. Karen takes on the rolls, the cakes and the cream teas. Val W is the caterer who provides us with our delicious 3 course lunch.

Then on Sunday THE day of the Show. Judges and stewards, more family and friends were added to our already brimming list of helpers. There was Jane in charge of car parking and Kate, under Alan’s direction, in charge of stay stewards and Val D keeping her eye on the Rules and Regulations. Thank you all. All this help makes me happy and all my prior admin work worth while.

Whilst I’m at it I would also like to thank my committee at NDDTS who allowed me to run the Show again this year and for their continued support on both days. How can I possibly thank all the people who helped to run our show. Thank you seems so inadequate but that is the best I can offer. So THANK YOU to you all – committee, club members, family, friends, et al.

Last but definitely not least I would like to Thank You, the contestants, for entering and working at our show and never complaining. I really appreciated your company. You were Brilliant To be honest I did expect some adverse comments about the diversions but there was nothing. Yeah!

Doreen Davies
Show Secretary

Show secretary’s report – West Suffolk DTS

Well that’s another year over show wise!!! All of us at West Suffolk DTS would like to thank all our Judges, stewards, Chief stay Stewards/Chief Stewards and stay stewards for their support in helping us keep our show alive and kicking. We had a very hot weekend, typical Blighty, freezing cold one minute and then sweltering the next!!! Nevertheless everyone seemed to cope well and thankfully we had no incidents of over heated dogs or people to my knowledge. 🙂

Thanks to John Westell and Steve Parmiter who stood in at the last minute as First Aiders, we are most grateful and thankfully you weren’t needed. 🙂

Thank you to all competitors who respected the ‘On Lead’ rules (one or two needed reminding) and therefore kept the venue management very happy indeed. The venue was left spick and span after a bit of a ‘sweep’ from us – no issues on the camping/parking area but there were a few dog poos on the main showground? How can this be when you have your dogs on leads? PLEASE, I implore you, be vigilant as this kind of thing WILL lose venues! We have a very small team here at West Suffolk and non of us are getting any younger! I alone clocked up 23.29kms on Saturday, that’s a lot of walking and Friday and Sunday were similar. The whole team worked their socks off all weekend in whichever capacity they were asked and for that I sincerely thank them as I know how hard they all work. A special mention to Rob Summerfield who is not a member of our club but who tirelessly helped us set up (her motor scooter is very useful 😉 )

and also Judged for us. Also to Jacky Roddick for coming to help with the rings and to Helen Jermy and Gloria Fountain for organising all of the camping spots and parking up the campers. My main gripe of the weekend was that some folk thought it was acceptable to be rude to our Car Parking team – NOT ACCEPTABLE whatsoever. I don’t care who you are, you DO NOT treat folk like that, they are only doing as they have been instructed and if you think its so easy, come on, come and volunteer your services – I bet you don’t! Finally, congratulations to all our winners and to those who had their first taste of competitive Obedience 🙂

We hope to see you all again next year – 6/7 June 2020 I believe – as long as I can secure enough Judges

Sarah Connell

Show report – Plantation Park

Plantation Park Weekend – lots of thank you’s and unfortunately a few moans ☹️ So we’ll start on a good note.

Thank you so much to all our lovely judges and their stewards. We need over 30 judges to keep this weekend going, so we appreciate anyone offering to give up one day competing to judge/steward instead. If you haven’t put your name down for next year please let one of us know, and many thanks to those who’ve already put their names down. Thanks to all the people who answered my plea for score stewards as well – much appreciated. Huge thanks as always to Paul Jordan our Chief Steward and thanks to Norfolk & Yarmouth clubs for letting us use your equipment – we couldn’t run these shows without all your stuff! Mega thanks to Rod White and Dick Blinch for being Chief Stay Stewards. Thanks also to our happy gang of stay stewards – namely Charlie Webley, Pat Jordan, Barry Fitter, Yvonne Percy and to the many others too numerous to mention, who helped out when needed in the stays over the weekend. Huge thanks to the day parkers – the 2 Steves (Clarke & Parmiter) and Massive Thanks and pats on the backs to Gloria Fountain & Helen Jeremy for guiding the campers into their allotted spaces – not an easy task, and extremely stressful when some campers start arguing and refusing to go on their allocated pitches! Most campers at PP know the situation here and appreciate how “cosy” the parking is. We know some of the roadways were a bit tight, and this has been noted and will be addressed next year. We didn’t need to be bad mouthed to all and sundry! It just means if we make the caravan pitches larger and widen the roadways, there will be less camping spaces!

Back to the nice stuff – Mega thanks to Vanda Fitter for once again taking all the dirty scent cloths to wash & iron. Thanks to Glynis Smith for the lovely selection of cakes again – much appreciated xx

Lastly, thanks to Darren, Jo and John of Plantation Park for the use of their fabulous venue and for all their help. We hope most of you enjoyed your weekend and will come again. Hopefully some of you will have learned how to watch your dogs and pick up after them by next year!! Hint hint ! Sadly it seemed to be a major problem this year 😡

Love from Team ElmRock

Secretary’s report – Loughborough Shows

I would like to thank everyone concerned who helped to make our show run so smoothly, the judges and stewards, Marcia and all who helped in the stay ring, Bev Hughes and Betty Gibson for help setting up with the rings and Bev helping to book caravans in as well. Julia and Neil who come every year to help with the parking, then stay stewarding and finally decoy, Committee who set up the rings and were there helping with various jobs during the days, if I have missed anyone thank you, luckily the weather brightened up for us and it turned into a decent weekend weather wise once again, fingers crossed for next year.

We had a good night at the quiz again challenge is on to beat Rob Bint’s team next year they are on a winning streak.

We were not able to have a large skip to get rid of dog and caravan waste this year so had to approach the council for wheelie bins which were scattered around the show, on the lid it did say DOG WASTE ONLY so thank you to the few people who could not read and placed other rubbish in there which WE HAD TO FISH OUT – it was not a pleasant job believe me.

One more little gripe vehicles travelling to the back field, not all but some were driving at a dangerous speed, if a dog had of run out it could have been injured or possibly killed, what would you have said if it were your dog? Please think about this before next year and drive using common sense.

Anyway left at the show were one HI-Gear Jacket, one Ground Sheet with Black Bungee wrapped round it, one Red Stringed Dumbell, one Green Stringed Dumbell, one Furry Tuggy, one Red and Black Lead, one Plastic Tit Bit Bottle (did contain sausage), one Car Charger, one Black Plastic piece with pink stripes which has to be charged and finally one Scissor Chair still with label on, if any of these belong to you please contact me to arrange collection.

I have rosettes for the following people firstly the KC GCDS class 7th place N.Wakelin, 9th place B Stevens and 10th place L Pavitt. 5th place for Rebecca Boydell, 6th place Mr&Mrs SA Britton, 6th place V Ridgers, 6th place M Grundy, 6th place A Reynolds again contact me to arrange which shows you will be at so I can take there.

Ruth Lewis

Secretary’s report – Wirral ATS Shows

Firstly I must apologise for the lateness of this report regarding our shows held on 11th and 12th May 2019.

We had enough rain to test the waterproofs before the shows, but luckily the sun shone most of the weekend although a little breezy at times!

Congratulations to our ticket winners, Nina Whitnell with Cories Ray of Sunshine and Karen Aarons with Syanne Fancy that Edition. Good Luck at Crufts 2020.

A big thank you must go to all the judges and stewards who gave up their time over the two days and also to all those who helped (club members and non- club members alike), who worked really hard over the weekend to ensure everything ran smoothly. We had new catering which seemed to be much appreciated.

Unfortunately there were a couple of individuals who drove across the rugby pitch. This action could have put the venue in jeopardy. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS THE PITCH. If this happens again, then any individuals identified will have their entries refused in future years. It is one of the best venues around and we do not wish to lose it. Moan over
We only have a small band of active obedience competitors and although we get help from some other club members it would be much appreciated if we could have help to clear the ground at the end of the second day to bring in the rings, etc. (Age is fast catching up with us!)

Finally thank you for your entries, and see you next year on 9th and 10th May 2020.

Nicki Fildes-Moss
Show Secretary W.A.T.S.

Show Manager’s Report – Chesvale


After a difficult run up to the show, losing 3 of our judges and stewards and having problems with how we were going to get rid of the dog’s deposits! Hazell Williamson, Sue Monk and June Le Fevre stepped in to help us and all the other judges were fantastic in supplying their own ring stewards which makes such a difference.

Thanks to Carol Ashton for taking on the role of Chief Stay Steward for us and did a brilliant job. The weather was chilly at times but perfect for the dogs and there were no reported incidents in or outside the stay ring.

The training ring was manned by Donna Bastin, Chrissie Skelly with Keith Saunders keeping them under control after setting up the rings and doing his car parking duties. They worked hard all day helping people practice and I know everyone appreciates the opportunity to train in a show environment and thanks go to the team for their time and support.

Our chosen charity this year was breast cancer and with the training ring making £152.00 and the tombola making £113.50, it means that £265.50 will be on its way to the Breast Cancer unit at Luton and Dunstable hospital.

I can’t thank all our members individually in this post as there were over 30 of them! From Clare Williams our fantastic efficient show secretary, our masterchef caterers, bake off cake makers, grass rakers, toilet roll attendants, poo collectors, our tent erection team and the small army of helpers dismantling everything at the end of the day – couldn’t do it without you all!

Finally, to all the competitors who attended – we hope you had an enjoyable day and thank you for all the lovely comments and expressions of thanks for putting on a show. A little thanks goes a long way.

Our next show is on Sunday 25th August, pre-beginner, beginner and novice only, so look out for the schedule which will be available shortly.