Championship Class Round up – 2015

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

It just doesn’t seem two minutes since we were sat watching the Championship teams working on the green carpet at Crufts and now here we are already well into this years obedience season.

The ‘ticket’ classes kicked off as usual this year with the Midland Border Collie Club’s three-day show at Cattows Farm, Heather in Leicestershire on the 3,4 and 5 April, the ‘ticket’ class being on the Saturday. The weather leading up to the shows was in one word ‘horrendous’ and had turned the working field into a veritable mud bath, the parking field kept the tractor drivers busy for the first two days, towing people off of the boggy ground, but despite the lousy luck that this club have with the weather, the show runs like clockwork and the catering is first class, what a brilliant idea to have the judges lunches in takeaway boxes, so much easier to carry and the added joy of very little washing up afterwards.

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Crufts Diary 2015 – Obedience World Cup Competition

By: Suasn & Gemma Henshaw

The fourth and final day of Crufts 2015 and for the obedience fans it’s the turn of the World Cup competition and this year we welcomed a new team all the way from New Zealand, the team have been over here for a few weeks getting used to handling the dogs that have been kindly loaned to them by British handlers. Hopefully they will have enjoyed their experience and return again in the future.

Nine countries represented here this year, eight with a full team of three handlers and dogs and Canada with just one handler and dog.

Promptly at 8.40am we had the judge for today, Kathy Russell and her ring party take up their positions to one side of the ring ready to wish the competitors good luck for the competition. The judge was wearing black trousers, a pale green top and a green/gold jacket, the ladies in the ring party were wearing black trousers and multi coloured tunic tops and the male stewards were in black trousers, black/grey waistcoats, grey and white shirts and a pale green tie.

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Crufts Diary 2015 – Dog Obedience Championships

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

So day three of our annual pilgrimage to Crufts, it’s the turn of the dog teams today and by 8.30am the stands were already beginning to fill up. Ten minutes later and the judge and her ring party took up their positions at the side of the ring, and then to the music of ‘The boys are back in town’ the parade of competitors got underway to a chorus of applause and cheering. As each team entered the ring their ticket wins were announced by Gerard Paisley, as Mary Ray started off round the ring with ‘Levi’, Gerard had to ask her to walk slowly so that he would stand a chance of reading out all their wins before she got to the end of the parade, he managed all thirteen before she finished – just.

At 9am we had the introduction of today’s judge, Sandra Gordon and a brief history of her career in this sport with a special mention to her late husband Derek. For today the judge wore black trousers, a black top and a lovely satin look red jacket. The ladies of the ring party wore black trousers and jackets with red tops, which had a sparkling embellishment around the neckline. The gentleman steward was equally smart in a black suit, black shirt and deep red tie.

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Crufts Diary 2015 – Bitch Obedience Championships

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

Before today’s competition got underway we were informed that three of the teams would not be competing for varying reasons.

Unfortunately Michelle Newman’s beautiful GSD ‘Kanya Keep Kool’ is still recovering from an operation which she had to have on an injured tail, hopefully they will grace the green carpet here in 2016. Jodi Lunn and her WS ‘Longhalves Fast N Furious’ miss their debut here as the dog’s puppies are due today and Ann Northfield has also withdrawn ‘Iatka Star Performer’.

Getting started at 8.40am the judge and her ring party took up their positions at the side of the ring so that they could wish the teams all the best at the end of the parade, then the music of ‘Here comes the girls’ resounded from the speakers and the parade got underway, already quite a good crowd in the stands and each team got a very enthusiastic greeting, with the contingent from Wales making their presence felt.

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Crufts Diary – 2015 – Inter Regional Competition

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

So day one of crufts 2015 and for the obedience folk it’s the Inter Regional competition that gets four days of hopefully great obedience underway in the main ring in Hall 5.

Just before 9am and we had the judging party enter the ring ready for the parade of today’s teams, led in this year by the first team in the running order – the Midlands. People are beginning to take their seats in the stands and they greeted each team with enthusiasm and they certainly made themselves heard, especially the contingent from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Once the parade had finished there was a short break before the introduction of the judge for today’s competition, Steve Barnes, who started competing in obedience in 1981 and began his judging career in 1985. His ring party were then introduced and they received a big round of applause as they entered the ring.

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Looking forward to the Obedience Championships 2015

By: Gemma Henshaw

With more and more people using the media of Facebook we are getting a great insight into the pre Crufts preparation of many of the teams lucky enough to be gracing the green carpet this year, whether it be the pre show training, new bling dog collars and leads or outfit buying and new hair do’s, it all adds to the building of excitement for Crufts 2015.

So before we all make the journey to Birmingham time to reflect on some of the teams who have made it through to the Obedience Championships.

We have a total of 24 teams qualified through in the Bitch Championship day, a couple more than last year, but a few less in the Dog Championships, 19 this year compared to 23 last year.

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Ticket Shows 2014 – Part 4

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

So the heaters are on as are the jumpers and its time to catch up on the qualifiers for the Crufts 2015 Championships

Sunday 24 August and the Wakefield DTC show, popular on the circuit judging by the lovely comments from judging parties and competitors. Large well spaced out rings with a good working surface and a friendly relaxed atmosphere around the ground. In charge of the Bitch ticket ring was Alan Gresty and his winner was Linda Rutherford and ‘Ob Ch Colliewood Confidential’, running at third in the ring and showing style and commitment, finishing their day off with a near perfect scent. Judging the Dog ticket was Andy Firth and his top spot went to Dot Watts and ‘Ziggdan Zyco’, their first ticket win of this year.

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Ticket Shows 2014 – part 3

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

Time flies we are already well into September and the nights are certainly drawing in, so time once again to catch up with the results from the Championship classes throughout July and into August.

Saturday 5th July and the first day of a two day show for Chadkirk DTC at Brabyns Park. A lovely venue with ample space around the rings and plenty of room for training and exercising the dogs. The judges’ catering was described by many as ‘sublime’ with compliments especially for the strawberry cream meringues. For the competitors good-sized rings with a level working surface and the committee must have friends in high places, as it was wall-to-wall sunshine for the weekend. Roy Page was in charge of the Bitch Ticket today and awarded his top honour to Lisa Brannan and ‘Moakies Mystical Moment’ who worked with ‘Confidence and commitment’. Judging the Dog Ticket was Marie Cartwright and her first place went to Janet Matthews and ‘Ob Ch Croftmist River of Krismoss’ always a force to be reckoned with at this level.

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Ticket shows 2014 – update

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

A sweltering July afternoon and as the dogs are flat out after their morning walk we have the ideal opportunity to sit down with a cuppa and catch up on who’s been winning in the Championship classes.

Saturday 17 May and the Scottish Kennel Club Show on the Royal Highland Showground at Ingleston, Edinburgh. Reading through some of the judge’s reports this is a show that truly knows how to look after its judging parties leaving them wanting for nothing. For the competitors, lovely big level surface rings, good catering and well run stays. Taking top honours under judge Steve Rutter in the Dog Ticket was an extremely delighted Andrea Little with ‘Borderlair Aerodynamic’, a first ticket win for this pair and with work of this quality it certainly shouldn’t be long before other wins at this level follow. Pat Wilson was judging the Bitch Ticket and she awarded her first place to Pat Watson with ‘Ob Ch Forever Magic It’s A Flicker’, who worked a round that was an ‘absolute delight to watch’.

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Solihull Dog Training Club Open Show

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

In this day and age where we often read of clubs that have folded or clubs that are no longer running their Obedience show it was so nice to look at the show diary for this year and find that Solihull Dog Training Club were running an open show again after a 15 year break.

So Sunday 29 June saw us setting off up the M40 towards Birmingham to the Woodrush RF ground at Forhill, having left the sat nav at home on the table we used the directions from the schedule, which were straightforward and easy to follow. On arriving at the ground we were informed that the top field, that is used for parking the vehicles in when Hatchford Brook hold their show here, had unfortunately not been mown and parking for today’s show would be either at the top end of the rings on the show field or on the hard standing around the clubhouse.

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