Show secretary’s report – Reedyford Open Show

Can I first thank all of the committee for putting in the amount of work needed to put on this show, their really are just a handful of us , Edward our Chief Steward, Elaine our Chief Stay Steward along with Susan,Diane,Judith,Lynne and Maureen (stay Stewards) , Lynne & Judith serving the Judges & Stewards their food in the Cafeteria, Diane boiling kettles , Brenda & Susan running round doing a bit of everything , we were missing one member Wendy who couldn’t make it due to having some devastating news on Thursday, she was very much missed by us all, also Audrey Wilkinson who was there to help at the crack of dawn with setting up the rings and anything else that needs doing early on show day.

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Show secretary’s report – Phoenix Obedience Dog Club Open Show

Wow wow wow…
Where to begin.
6 months ago myself, Margaret, Steve, Audrey & Becky set out on the adventure of starting a new listed club and show.
Could we start from scratch?
Would people support us?
Could we generate enough funds to do it?


Today was the first ever PHOENIX OBEDIENCE DOG CLUB show.

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Show secretary’s report – Anglian Acorns Obedience Group Show

Well we did it.

A new weekend of shows for East Anglia was the plan and that’s exactly what happened on the 13th & 14th of October 2018. Storm Declan did it’s best to blow us off the map, however we battened down the fixtures and plowed on. From arrival on Thursday through to Saturday we were treated to high winds with some gusts of up to 80mph, Sunday the wind dropped but the rain arrived with a vengeance. It truly was an initiation test for us as organisers due to the weather conditions and we thank you all for your understanding when our catering plans had to change.

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Show secretary’s report – Stanhope Agricultural Show

A big thank you to the Judges, Ring Stewards, those that helped in the stay ring, scent decoy’s etc, which allows this show to go ahead. We wouldn’t have a show without your commitment.

I’d also like to thank all the competitors for making this show an astounding success in it’s 177th year and long may it continue, with your excellent support.

This was one of highest number of entries for many years, with many new faces, which has put the obedience section in good light with the overall Stanhope Agricultural Show Committee. I look forward to seeing you all again 14th Sept. next year.

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Show secretary’s report – Norfolk Broads DTC Open Show 16/9/18

I would like to thank all the Judges, stewards and helpers for giving up your time to help at our show this year. Thanks to those that marked the camping area out and to Gloria and Helen for help in parking them. This year Darren had expressed a wish that all the heavy campervans were not on his football pitch as after the downpour last year his field was left in a bit of a sorry state. As was expected there was “no rain” this year.

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Great Yarmouth DTC – Show secretary Report

I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the whole weekend run so smoothly. Even the weather obliged.

Thanks to all our lovely judges, their stewards and all those who helped in the stay ring, especially Charlie and Beath.

We are very sad that Terry Donaldson is no longer able to be our Chief Steward and really appreciate all he has done for us over the years. We are very grateful that Richard Kebble kindly took on the role.

Thanks as always to the ‘girls’ – Gloria and Helen – for sorting out the campers (and neither of them belong to either club).

We are so grateful to Plantation Park for providing us and the 2 newer show weekends with such a lovely venue. Darren was still a star even with one arm!
Thank you to everyone who bought tickets / provided raffle prizes in aid of the Elm Park Show Fund (total made was £197).

Final thanks to my very hard working committee and club members (and my husband!). You were brilliant.

Next years dates are September 14th & 15th. Hope to see you there.

Glynis Smith
(Show Sec)

Gt Yarmouth DTC 60th Anniversary Open Show – Sat Sept 15th

Kilmarnock DTC Show Secretary Report

Well 2018 show came around in no time at all and with it came a challenge to find a venue at short notice , but , never to run from a challenge we scurried about and duly found one , Thank you Morris Equestrian Centre for allowing us to use the outside arena

Now to the gratitudes
Firstly to the judges and stewards who gave up their day to allow us to enjoy our sport 🐶🐶, special thank you to Sandra Gordon who stepped in at short notice to judge class C for us , Karen I hope Gerry is on the mend now and feeling much better , I’m very sorry that my request for the ☀️☀️ obviously got lost in the post but like true soldiers you battled on with smiles for the competitors , Many thanks

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Worcester DTC Show Secretary’s Report

Another year and another show over and done with – hurray!! Unless you run/are involved in running a show I don’t think most people appreciate the enormous amount of time and effort involved. There are months of planning and preparation before you even get to the venue. Once there everything needs to be organised, put up, kept tidy and then all put away again ready for next year. As we are only a small club this requires herculean effort which begins on the Wednesday morning before the show and doesn’t finish until the last camper leaves the following Tuesday.

Disaster struck on Wednesday when our booked mowing man did 2 small areas then left. Thankfully Annegret’s other half Nick delivered his mower to us enabling our turbo charged mowing team of Phil, Tammy, Leslie, Rob, Jacky and Kit to hand mow the rest of the ring area. Thanks guys – back breaking work but much appreciated to make the working area as good as it could be.
Sadly Sunday did not arrive with the ordered weather instead being wet and windy for most of the day. Undaunted everyone soldiered on and thankfully Monday was much improved which certainly made the day more pleasant.

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East Kilbride DTC Championship Show 2/9/18 Show Secretary’s Report

Well another show has come and gone and with it the end of the show season here in Scotland.

First of all, I would like to thank all of our judges & stewards for giving up their day to allow others to pursue and enjoy our fabulous hobby; and some of our judges were either judging or stewarding the day before at Kilmarnock so extra thanks go to those concerned.

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