Show secretary’s report – ANDOVER & DISTRICT


This being our 50th Anniversary, there was wall to wall sunshine for our special day and this lasted all day.

My thanks go to all the judges, stewards and scoreboard stewards for giving up their day as without you there would be no show. Thanks also to the decoys stewards. For some this was their first experience and took the job in their stride. You may well be called upon again. Also thankyou to all the competitors for parking where directed, competing in a friendly manner and for the lovely comments made about the show.

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Show secretary’s report – Ramsey

Well, where to begin… I feel like I’m about to embark on a speech celebs do when they win an Oscar… This year was Ramsey DTC first ever double obedience show and I think, if I do say so myself, that the event went off well with all dogs and competitors enjoying themselves!

The weather was extremely kind to us over both weekends and the dogs coped well, the show ground was armed with paddling pools, buckets and hoses so our four legged, fur wearing companions didn’t struggle. It was great to see new faces at our show and to see so many who had made the effort to come across.

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Show secretary’s report – Winchester City

Thank you

Well it was certainly hot! We must say a huge thank you to all judges, stewards, club members and helpers who worked to make the show run so smoothly. A number of competitors elected not to attend but those who did hopefully had an enjoyable day. We did our best to ensure the dogs were kept as comfortable as possible, making as much use of the shade as we could. Especially for stays.

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Show secretary’s report – East Anglian 5 of Clubs

I don’t know where to start!!!!

As a few of you know, we ran our first open obedience show, at Plaintation Park, on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July, and I’m still on cloud nine, about the whole experience.

It has been a year in the planning, and worth every minute.
So I would just like to say a few thanks ( without sounding like an oscars speak lol)

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Show secretary’s report – Cheshire Dog Training Association

On behalf of Cheshire Dog Training Association, I would like to thank all those generous people who gave up their time to judge, steward or decoy at our double weekend Show and to all our competitors over the two days.

This was the first year of not only having our Show in June/July instead of June and October, but also holding a double weekend at a new Venue – and what a success it turned out to be with over 100 campers booked in.

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BCOS Show Thank You’s & Results – Emneth 10th June 2018

The BCOS team would like to thank all our lovely judges Jo Hill, Sarah Connell, Wendy Wheatcroft, Kamal Fernandez & Kathy Woodgreaves and their fantastic stewards and scoreboarders for giving up their day to help everyone else enjoy theirs. Of course many other people helped and I am not going to mention anyone in particular for fear of missing someone out – you were all stars.

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Show secretary’s report – Newbury Show

First I would like to re-iterate all of Kate’s Thank you’s and add a few of my own.

Thank you to all the committee and club members who made the show such a vibrant success; to those judges and stewards who answered my desperate pleas for an additional C and B judge on FaceBook, namely Heidi and Robin, Rob and Kathy, thank you all so much, you saved my bacon!! Also thanks to all the Scoreboarders who came forward and offered their services and who filled all the vacancies. Brilliant.

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Show secretary’s report – SKC Championship Show 19th May 2018

SKC Championship Show 19th May 2018

Show Report

Special thanks to my wife Jean as well as, Hazel, Dave, Margo and Sandra as they were my support team throughout the day as well as in the run up to the show I could not have done it without them.

We arrived at the venue on Thursday to have a final walk through of the areas where the show was going to be held all was looking good, signs all up to ensure the areas were kept clean prior to show day. Friday afternoon was spent marking out and setting up the rings, this involved a lot of hard work as we could not use the traditional ring poles. Thankfully the weather was kind to us during this time; and the same on the Saturday.

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