The organisers of NOCF have deliberated long and hard , involving much discussion and consideration of all factors and have regrettably come to the decision that we will not be running any more NOCF events.

Firstly, on a personal note, I wish to extend my deep thanks to Dave Banks for his unstinting help and support right from the initial idea and to Rhia and Paula for helping me to turn my strange idea into a successful reality.

The help and work behind the scenes was immeasurable and was given unconditionally in an effort to benefit everyone in Obedience.


Show secretary’s report – Loughborough

I would like to thank everyone involved in our show from helping to set up, to judging and stewarding, scent decoys and taking down again which meant we had a good successful show.

Thank you competitors for not keeping judges hanging about, most of them saying they were not kept waiting. Even the Kennel Club visitor went away happy. So thank you to Tony, Delia, Jill, Jacki and Cheryl club members and Cheryl’s son Brett and husband also called Brett who helped pack away Sunday evening also Lyn and Mick Tozer who came to help set up.

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Show manager’s report – Wirral ATS

Wirral shows 13/14 May 2023

Well, where do I begin?

Well, the weather was good apart from a couple of hours on Sunday. It was sunny and not windy as well! The show ran smoothly, with no hiccups, give or take a couple of judges and stewards…Thank you to those who stepped in at the last minute to judge and steward. I hope everyone officiating enjoyed their day.

This was the first time in years that all of us (both club members and family) were not totally tired at the end of the weekend. This was because quite a few people, both judges and competitors, listened to our plea and helped us set up from roping up the rings, taking tables out to clearing the rings and bringing rings in at the end of the two days competition. This made a considerable difference. Thank you so much for doing this for us. (Booking you all again next year!) Also, thank you for leaving the field in such good condition.

Congratulations to our Ticket Winners, Shirley Clowes, and Kathy Russell. Good luck at Crufts 2024.

Next year due to the availability of the venue, we will be moving to the bank holiday weekend at the end of May 2024, and subject to K.C. Approval the CC Classes will be held on Sunday 26th May 2024

Once again, thank you all for a great weekend.



Show Secretary

Wirral ATS.

Show manager’s report – Chesvale


The Chesvale Committee were adamant in making this show special as it is the Clubs 70th Anniversary. Therefore, everyone on arrival were presented with a pen and our judges and stewards were given gifts to mark how special this year is for the club. It was interesting that a few of the competitors were still using their pens from our 60th anniversary!

The Team arrived on Saturday afternoon in pouring rain, armed with grass blowers and mowers to ensure all the rings were clear of any lose grass clippings, setting up the rings and club house. They all turned up early on Sunday morning to assist with ‘tent erection’ and generally working like little beavers all day to make such a wonderful day for everyone. Not only our members but also husbands mucked in with whatever needed doing and then staying to clear away at the end of the day. How lucky we were with the weather on show day, slightly misty in the morning but beautiful sunshine appeared later.

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Remembering Janet Martineau

I was very sad to hear yesterday that Janet Martineau had passed away.

Our friendship has spanned some 58 years. I was just 8 years old when I met Janet at a local dog show that my Dad had taken me to. Sitting ringside I remember fussing her lovely dog. We got chatting and my Dad declared me ‘dog mad’, Janet then told us that Cheltenham and District Dog Training Club held weekly classes at Holy Apostles church hall. As luck would have it, half a mile from my house and very walkable. So I walked up to the club and became a ‘dog holder’, I loved Tanna and Rookie, two of Janet’s beardies. ❤️

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Crufts Obedience/Rally Chief Steward Review

So that’s Crufts for another year, must be time for a rest!

An event of this magnitude and importance can’t happen without a huge team effort, and I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to the fantastic group of people that make this possible. Firstly, to Kate, you are simply the best, and more than I had hoped for when I asked you to take on the role of Crufts Assistant Chief Obedience/Rally Steward. I have 100% confidence that you will be a perfect successor and graduate from Wee Chief to Big Chief with ease! Thank you so much. Next, to Michael for all that you do to assist, a willing and cheerful Apprentice Chief! I am sorry that talk of football is wasted on me.

Next thanks to Jane and Clare our commentators for doing a terrific job of keeping everyone informed. Clare, you did a great job in the main arena, coping with the last-minute changes without hesitation.

Finally, Rachel and Bev for co-ordinating the team events and providing the link between us and the teams.

To all of you I say – Thank you, I couldn’t do it without you, and I look forward to doing it all over again in 2024 .

Richard Kebble

Show secretary’s report – Birmingham & District GSD Association

Where do I start!

It was certainly a show that will live in my memory forever. How you all kept my surprise a secret from me for such a long time is unbelievable. I had no idea. I even fell for the made-up incident that required me to leave the Secretary’s base and go to the far end of the field to deal with the complaint behind Polly’s van so that you could all assemble in front of the marquee. Everything was organised to perfection, even getting my son and partner up from London and also my God- daughter Laura to attend.

The speech made by Ann Davis was wonderful and my gifts were amazing. Yaris’ portrait has pride of place were I sit and can see it every day, my vouchers I have yet to spend but I want to get something permanent for the garden to remind me of you all. Unfortunately the bottles of whiskey and wine will not be kept but you can all be assured I will enjoy them as will the amazing cake made by Sheila Huntley. I am sure I will get a bit merry on the cake I know how much alcohol Sheila feeds her cakes with over the months it matures.

Thank you everyone!

Now I must go back to the shows.

After much stress caused by the Council and their predictions of bad publicity and adverse comments on social media, we had NONE. In fact the shows went off like clockwork, and everyone reported that they had only received positive comments from the general public.

The shows only run without problems due to the large amount of help I have from competitors. To judges and stewards who give up their day, thank you from myself and all the competitors, without you there would be no shows. Personally, I would like to thank everyone who helped in whatever way and however small, there are too many to name but you all know who you are. From the setting up of the show, booking in caravaners, parking day people, scent decoys, the girls in the marquee who kept the judges refreshments going and the girls in charge of serving the judges lunches, people who did shopping for me and run around the showground taking messages and then finally the dismantling of the show. Many, many thanks.

Huge thank you to Bryan Lukcock our Chief Steward, you always do a fantastic job and again we can report there were no incidents and hopefully should get an excellent report from the Field Officer (thanks for your help dealing with him).

Congratulations to all the winners. Good luck to the ticket winners when you compete at Crufts 2023.

Hope to see you all next year. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.

Kathy Hood

Show Secretary’s Report – Elm Park

What a weekend. It started with losing the Chief Steward, then losing the Show Secretary, we also lost a ticket steward and PetNeeds, so had no trophies, and even the caterers were one man short. At least the weather was kind to us. After the threat of rain on Sunday, it turned out to be a lovely day.

The show ran smoothly as normal even with these hiccups as we have a very experienced team of people to help.

Thank you to Sandra Cobbold for stepping in to be Chief Steward. To Ian Appleton for stepping in my shoes as well as his own lol. To Kath Westell for making sure Ian didn’t mess it up too much. To Clare Jameson for stepping in to steward the ticket for Roy Neal at very short notice, despite only stewarding her first C recently.

Thank you to all the Elm Park gang, Jan Witham, Claire Bloomfield, Julia Tuck, Nicola Smith, Paula Kenny, Janet Long, Les Tolliday, Mick Johnson, Lyn Johnson, Kim Ford, Sue Starr, John Westell, Julie Enright, Sandra Barnes, Chrissie Gordon, Sue Stevens, Colin Sutton, Julie Phillips, Ewina and her daughter.
Thanks also to Vanda Fitter, Linda Plows, Myra McCarthy, Les Willis, Shawn McCarthy, Malcolm Hanlon for helping with the gate duties.
Thank you to all our judges, stewards and scoreboarders for giving up their day.

The other notable event of this weekend was Barry Fitter’s last judging appointment after 37 years of judging most weekends. There was a presentation at lunchtime on behalf of Elm Park and the wider obedience community. Thank you Barry for all your years of service to obedience.

Congratulations to all our ticket winners. Kamal Fernandez and Firetouch Super Girlie and Firetouch He’zz Kynda Hot, Trish Jones and Ob Ch Longwaves Cloudy Sky , Sue Monk and Ob Ch Ruskath Knockout Image and the winners of all our other classes. Very well done to you all.

I was very disappointed not to have been there this year but look forward to seeing everyone at Acorns or around the shows next year.
Good Luck to you all.

Cheers Julie Appleton

Show secretary’s report – East Kilbride

East Kilbride DTC


Show Secretary’s report.

Apologies for the late report, but safe to say our day went without a hitch and we were blessed with perfect dog show weather (well we did after the rain went off!).

Thank you as usual to our Judges & Stewards, for giving up their day to allow us to take part in our fabulous hobby, particularly to Bill Pykett, who stepped in at late notice to carry out his 20th appointment of the year!!!!

We were indebted to Bill for answering a ninth hour plea.

Thank you to everyone who helped set up & take down on the day, carry judges’ refreshment bags & decoy steward; from club members to kind helpers.

I never usually name anyone as I would feel awful if I missed anyone out, but this year I really must single out Gordon Forrest , who agreed to be Chief Steward, but also was a massive help on the day- he never stopped- carrying tables & chairs, taking rings down, and always with a smile & a bit of banter. Thank you so much Gordon- I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your help.

Sheena, Anne & Maureen very capably made sure our officials were well fed at breakfast, and Sue produced a lovely buffet lunch- thanks ladies, for your hard work. Thank you to all who contributed to the judges’ catering, including our trusty soup makers!

Well done to all our winners & those placed, we hope to see everyone back next year on 3rd of September- our CC judges are (subject to KC approval) Annette Benoist (D) & Katie Embleton (B).

Kilmarnock Open Show will be on the day before at the same venue- good excuse for a weekend trip!

Finally, lost property in the day was a green square klippy treat tub found at the top of the field near the A rings and a sum of money near the front of the car park- a single note.

If anyone owns either, just get in touch & I will arrange return.

See you all next year!

Anne Marie Parker

Lichfield and District Dog Training Society: Secretaries Report

Lichfield and district dog training society: secretaries report.

Thank you to everyone who made this years show a huge success.

We are very lucky that Lichfield club has such a fabulous team spirit and everyone always pulls together to make the show run smoothly. Everyone knows what needs doing and they just get on with it, making the weekend run like clockwork.

We have a fabulous mix of experienced people and new enthusiastic helpers, which hopefully will ensure that Lichfield show continues for many years.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped…the show committee, Lichfield members, our chief steward and assistant chief steward, judges, stewards, scoreboarders, scent decoys, first aiders, people making drinks, ‘the boys’ and the competitors who came to offer help. Every little makes a difference and we are grateful for every single bit of help. I’m not going to name people, as there are so many I would probably miss someone!

Thank you to all of the competitors who entered and tested out this new venue. We hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Congratulations to our ticket winners Robin Arblaster and Francis Tye, we wish you the best of luck at Crufts.

Congratulations also go to our good citizen special pre beginner winner and our YKC and obreedience winners!

If you’re now off to Crufts, good luck and enjoy the experience!

Huge apologies to the obreedience teams for managing to misplace the rosettes in the organised chaos. They have now been located and I will send them out to your team captains to distribute.

The run up to the show was stressful to say the least. Due to health issues, I had to ask for far more help from our show committee than usual…and I want to say a huge thank you to you all, for stepping up without hesitation and taking on as many jobs as you could. I really appreciated it and everything was done perfectly.

Our new printer, Rebecca, made the rest so easy, organised everything perfectly and answered my millions of queries about the new 25 day rule! Thank you so much!

It definitely felt like the show was cursed at times. We always expect problems, but this was one big problem after another and at one point both Bea and I doubted whether the show would even be able to go ahead.

The venue was fabulous. We were very lucky to be able to use it, the space, the ground conditions and facilities were all amazing, although I swear by the end of the weekend the venue was stretching every time I walked up it!! Thank you all for looking after it, it was immaculate when we went up for our final venue check.

As lots of people knew, it did however come with a pretty hefty price tag, which meant this years show had to be run more like a business than usual. We changed suppliers for most of the usual food, drinks and other essentials. We spent far more time price checking and hunting around for bargains than we’ve ever done before, cutting the cost of everything we could, except for our normal trophies and rosettes.

Everything we needed was worked out to exact numbers, to ensure we wouldn’t be paying for anything we didn’t need. We were determined to at least break even…which we did, with a bit to spare!

Thank you to our sponsors: CSJ for sponsoring the whole show, providing the winners packs and Rick Van Vereen for sponsoring the YKC classes, providing a lovely tuggy toy for every competitor. We are very grateful for the support.

Obviously, there always has to be a negative.

We had a small minority of people who thought it was acceptable to be rude towards our show team. Please remember that the rules we put in are there for safety. If you are asked to park or camp in a particular place or keep something clear or to slow down, it’s not just because we feel like it. We have a responsibility to every person and dog on the venue and a lot of time and effort has been put in prior to the show to venue plan and risk assess.

I don’t expect to hear that people have ignored requests to follow instructions and have been rude, or that people have been shouted at.

Please remember that the people out there helping, are the people keeping the shows running. If they get that kind of treatment, eventually they’ll decide that helping is more hassle that its worth…and then shows will disappear.

I was therefore, even more disappointed to hear who that minority were and that they were experienced competitors. You know who you are and hopefully, reading this, you will consider the impact of your actions in future.

That said, the majority of people were lovely and everyone looked like they were having a good time. We even managed to keep the weather nice, until Sunday night. The sun dancing clearly worked!

As most people know, this was our last year as show secretaries. Whilst we love running the show, various issues mean we are now stepping down.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us during our time as show secretaries, you’ve all been very kind and we’ve both learnt a lot during this time. A special thank you has to go Stephanie Evans, who taught us everything we needed to know about running a show. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you to all of the judges who have joined in with our craziness…from inviting George Clooney to join us at the show, to serving scabby horse at lunch!

It might be busy, but it’s supposed to be fun and that’s always been our aim.

We leave the show in very safe hands, with Carol Hartland and Stephanie Evans taking over the job. Everyone knows you’ll both do an amazing job and that it will continue as it always has been, a friendly, well run weekend!

That’s the very long Oscars speech over!

Tracey and Bea.