Show secretary’s report – Lichfield

Firstly, I’d like to thank all of the judges, stewards and scribes that gave up their precious time, allowing us to run the show. Thank you to our chief steward, Tony Lewis for his time, help and support. A big thank you to “Team Lichfield”; who worked extremely hard to make the event run smoothly and successfully. With extra thanks to the 3 lads who worked tirelessly guiding competitors and campers to the correct parking locations and helped with set-up and breakdown.

On the Monday beforehand, the show going ahead was in question because continuous wet weather and the impact of the County show had caused the Weston Car park ground to become unsuitable. Fortunately, Stafford County showground was able to offer an alternative venue on the other side of the showground. Changing locations meant last minute changes to ring plans, camping and car parking arrangements. The on-site caterers supplied judges’ breakfast sandwiches and superb lunches and opened for competitors also.

Congratulations to Kathy Russell and Sue Monk who won tickets at the show – wishing you the best of luck at Crufts next year.

Thank you to all the competitors who kept the venue clean and tidy, disposing of rubbish as requested.

Wishing you all a successful 2024 and look forward to seeing you in 2025.

Carol Hartland

Tony Lewis Shave

Well its GONE thank goodness I hated it which only happened because I called him a scruffy bugger for not shaving for a couple of days.

Thank you to everyone who donated online and at the show at the weekend and also our club (Loughborough). The biggest thank you goes to Lyn Tozer who suggested he had it shaved for charity, thank you Lyn also thank you to our daughter Wendy who came over and took the fungus off his face.

Online £195 was raised, at the weekend cash donations raised £170.50 and Delia’s suggestion to our club committee it paid £135 making the total to £500.50 pence for Canine Charity.

I now have not an old man but a younger version.

Ruth Lewis

Show secretary’s report – Wirral Alsatian Training Society

Wirral Alsatian Training Society Shows 25 and 26 May 2024.

Well, what a weekend! The weather threw everything at us apart from hailstones, and snow!

Rain fell steadily, and heavily from Wednesday and on Thursday, when we had no alternative but to cancel the camping due to the potential damage to the venue, and loss of availability in future years. Also, there was standing water at the top end of the field under the trees. In the end we had 34 campers plus two club members’ caravans.

It was a near run thing, but we decided to go ahead with the shows, in view of the fact vehicle parking would be Ok, but even then, we had to swop the parking from one area to another to minimise the effect on the ground on the three days.

One point I would mention is that abuse towards our parking stewards is not and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The lady and gentleman tasked with this role were new to obedience and I hate to think what impression they have formed of our sport after the weekend.

So… big congratulations to our ticket winners, Shirley Clowes, and Wendy Hughes. Best of luck at Crufts 2025.

This year we had three shows, including Border Club of Wales. All the shows ran smoothly, with no more than the usual hiccups. Of course, I must thank all who helped, in setting up, running the shows, and our thanks to all those who helped clear the field at the end of a very long weekend. Thank you once again to everyone involved.

All being well we will run the shows next year. The dates for your diary are 5thand 6th July 2025.

Nicki Fildes-Moss

Show Secretary

Wirral ATS.

Show secretary’s report – Plantation Park Weekend

Phew!! I think the weather gods chucked everything at us this year. From torrential rain and thunderstorms to occasional patches of sunshine. I hope everyone manages to get off the venue today (Tuesday). Huge thanks to all the people who offered to tow the unfortunate stuck ones. Especially the tractor man who’s been working hard all morning.

Mega thanks to all who made this weekend possible. All our lovely judges and their stewards/score stewards for standing out in the rain. Gloria Fountain & Helen Jermy who work hard guiding all the campers into their places. You had a lot to put up with this year – unfortunately a few people don’t seem to realise you need to sleep at night ☹️ The day car park people – Steve Parmiter and Steve Clark. Hope you didn’t get too much grief from anyone. Glynis Smith for making a selection of scrummy cakes again – thanks Glynis, always appreciated 😋 And please don’t forget the recipe for the cherry fruit cake. Seriously yummy! Thanks to Dave Gillett for doing his favourite stinky job lol Also to Loryn Oliver for standing in to judge, at short notice. Thanks to Jan and Clare for scoring/decoying where needed. And thanks to Reg Darby and Kay Griffiths for answering my plea for ring stewards. Huge thanks to our Chief Steward, Richard Kebble. Always on hand to help and advise, thank you. Hope you can do it all again next year 😊 And a big hug to Vanda Fitter for taking all the scent cloths home to wash. Thank you Vanda 👍 Thanks also to Teresa Paterson for printing, sorting class numbers & running orders etc. Not the easiest of jobs with people having to swap classes.

Thanks as always to the Norfolk/Yarmouth clubs for the use of their equipment. We definitely wouldn’t be able to run these shows without all your stuff! And thanks to John & Jo for allowing us to use their venue and Jo and girls especially for doing all the catering.

Hope I’ve not forgotten anyone.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend in spite of the rain. Huge thanks to everyone who put their name down to judge next year. We’ve actually got more names than we need!! I’ll be in touch with everyone soon. Thanks again.

One little moan to end on – to “Mr. Horrified” who came to tell us he was horrified that the beginners was taking so long to judge! I hope you were happy with your rosette after waiting sooo long. Just think for one minute that a comment like that, after we’ve spent all day putting on a show in the pouring rain, might just make us think “sod it, we won’t do this again” Oh well, there’s always one 🥴 See you all next year 24/25/26th May And it’s still raining………

Kath Westell

Secretary’s Report – Leicestershire GSD Championship Show

So, another year comes and goes. The rings and equipment goes away to gather dust until the next time.

After a much deserved rest and contemplation now is the time for the usual post show debrief.

As some of you may know, we are only a small club that is primarily a breed club. It may suprise you to know that the obedience team that organises and put on the show consists of 3 people. The breed side which is the chairman, secretary and treasurer did not attend the show at all so you can imagine it is a very tough task to put on a successful event.

I would like to place on record thanks to my mum Jacki Snook who is the primary organiser of the event. She finds and selects the judges. She does all the leg work in making sure the right paperwork is ready and ensures that things are in place to make the show as successful as possible. Myself and my dad have picked up the extra tasks to try and release the pressure.

As mentioned above the show cannot function on 3 people alone. We had extra help from people who have no association with the club and without them the show would not go ahead. I would like to place my thanks to Julie Shepherd, Neil Shepherd and my partner who came and helped with setting up on the Sunday and then helping the running on the Monday. As you saw from the post last week and the stress of the venue the parking went much better than expected and I would like to thank every single competitor and visitor for their patience and understanding to make the most of a very undesired situation.

We had extra help towards the end of the day from people who train at the club and other friends and your efforts were greatly appreciated.

Further thanks to the judges and stewards who have given up there day to help. It is much appreciated.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the show and once again I truly appreciate and thank your respect and understanding during the difficult circumstances.

Jacki & Anthony Snook

Sunday 10 March 2024, Mothers Day and the Crufts B1tch Obedience Championship. Frances & Rumour

Firstly I would like to thank Rob and his team for all their hard work both in preparing for and on the big day. It was a lovely round to work and it’s always a pleasure to be stewarded by Paul with his calm reassurance and skill of being in just the right place on every turn. The whole team and organisation were faultless. Thank you.

I have been completely overwhelmed by the wishes of Good Luck and congratulations we’ve received and would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone concerned.

I hope to see you at the shows soon.

On a personal level the whole Crufts experience has been unbelievable and amazing. I went hoping Rumour and I would complete all the exercises but she absolutely rose to the occasion. I am so proud of my girl and chuffed my handling held up on the day.

After many years competing in obedience to be the proud owner and sidekick to Obedience Champion Raital Rumour is absolutely a dream come true and to have won the Crufts Championship is out of this world.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this amazing experience.

Frances & Rumour

Richard Kebble Leaves Crufts Role

Well that’s me done in the role of Crufts Chief Obedience Steward, and what an outstanding four days of competition it was. I am completely over-whelmed and grateful for the many cards , gifts and messages received from the Obedience and Rally fraternities over the past few days, your generosity is humbling, thankyou.

As I hand over the reins I make no apologies for the length of my list of thank-you’s. Firstly Roy Page for giving me the opportunity in the first place back in 2010, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time since then firstly as assistant and then taking on the mantle when Roy retired.

Now it’s time for me to retire I have the utmost confidence in, and am leaving it in the safe hands of, Kate McCartney who succeeds me and who I know is going to make a fantastic job of it ably assisted by Michael McCartney . I am so grateful for your support especially this year which has been quite emotional at times. I look forward to watching you work next year. We have two first class commentators in Jane Prince and Clare Williams who keep the audience informed throughout the show. Grateful thanks to Rachel Bradley and Bev Smith for co-ordinating the team events. Lastly all the judges and stewards over the years in our competitions especially Rob Bint for a fabulous finale to my time at Crufts.

Finally I would just say that my goal was to leave the arena in Hall 5 in as good a state as I found it and if I have achieved that then I retire a very happy man. My thanks to you all, Richard


A team of Jack Russell Terriers won the Obreedience competition at the world’s greatest dog show, Crufts on Thursday 7 March.

The Jack Russell Terrier team, named The Russellers, proved themselves more obedient than the nine other breed teams that made it to the final at Crufts, held at the NEC in Birmingham. The other finalists were as follows:

The Cool Cockers – Cocker Spaniels 

The Woodcockers – Cocker Spaniels 

The LabraPaws – Labrador Retrievers 

The Golden Acorns – Golden Retrievers 

The Wagtails – Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 

Manchesters Reunited – Manchester Terriers 

Stafford Stars – Staffordshire Bull Terriers 

Shepherd’s Delight – German Shepherd Dogs 

The Clumberjacks – Clumber Spaniels 

Obreedience, an exciting team obedience competition, was introduced at Crufts in 2014 as a special display event. Now in its tenth year as an official competition, Obreedience continues to grow and entertain the crowds that come along to support their favourite breeds.

The winning team members were:

Louise Dexter with Izzy (Our Own Little Izzy Whizz) from Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Harry Friswell with Cookie (Everyone Loves a Cookie) from Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Kirsty Stuart with Ghost (Fedsig’s Blithe Spirit) from Chelsfield, Kent

Anne Shuker with Scally (Scally’s Skullduggery Swag) from Derbyshire

The team reserves were Sian Rees with Mable (Little Miss Tiny Temper) from Droitwich, Worcestershire and Ffion Roe with Barney (Barnes Wallis Bouncing Boy) from Newmarket, Suffolk.

The team’s captain Julia Bodsworth, from Kingsbury, Warwickshire, said of the team win: “As soon as the Jack Russell was announced as a Kennel Club recognised breed in 2016, we began entering heats, qualifying for the final in our first year. This year was our seventh appearance in the Crufts final and, as team captain, I am absolutely over the moon with the result, our super little dogs were amazing. We hope we have shown that Jack Russells are very capable little dogs.”

Deputy team captain, Sian Rees, from Droitwich, Worcestershire, added: “I still can’t believe they actually did it. We, as a whole team, have worked so hard towards this day, but the team were absolutely amazing, they pulled out all the stops. I’m so proud of them all. This rosette has such significance for me and will be a strong reminder of what we have achieved over our time with The Russellers.”

Helen Kerfoot, Crufts Show Manager, said: “Well done to all the owners and dogs of The Russellers team on an impressive win at Crufts! The team displayed a remarkable example of highly trained, obedient dogs and the bond between each dog and their owner was evident.  

“The Obreedience competition is a wonderful display that proves any breed, given the right training and socialisation, and of course patience from their human counterparts, can do well in competitive obedience. We wish the best of luck to all the breeds competing in Obreedience at the heats being held throughout 2024.” 

Each Obreedience team comprised four handlers and dogs who took part in two rounds.  The first was a heelwork round completed as a group, with the dogs being assessed on their ability to complete different moves whilst remaining synchronised with their teammates. The second round featured four set exercises and each member needed to successfully complete one of the four different exercises. Points were deducted for any faults and the team with the most points won. The exercises were a retrieve (handler’s own article), a send to bed, stop the dog, and scent over articles.


Ruby, a five-year-old Golden Retriever from Wakefield, and her owner Sandra Jones, triumphed at Crufts by winning the Good Citizen Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Competition on Saturday 9 March.

Ruby (Gaelleda Krystal Dream Girl) beat 30 other talented dogs to be crowned the winner of the 2024 Good Citizen Pre-Beginner Stakes competition at the world’s greatest dog show, with the final overseen by highly experienced judge, Dr Janel Fone.

Speaking after their win, delighted Sandra said: “We’ve had such an amazing time at Crufts. What an experience! I’m so proud of how Ruby has handled the noise and crowds…as well as my nerves!”

The Good Citizen Dog Training scheme (GCDTS) competition was first held in 2005 to encourage owners of dogs who have passed their GCDTS Bronze Award to take part in obedience competitions as a potential gateway into dog exhibition. The exercises included in the test are a combination of current GCDTS exercises and the Pre-Beginner Obedience test. Building on the basic training skills learnt through the Good Citizen Dog Training scheme, this stakes class helps to bridge the gap between basic training and entering a competition. Dogs must have obtained their Good Citizen Bronze Award prior to the closing date of the show.

Dogs competing in the final had to qualify at one of the 30 heats held across the country last year with the winner from each heat qualifying for the final.

Sue Garner, Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme Working Party Chairman, added: “Ruby and Sandra demonstrated a very strong bond in the ring, performing a first-class round and showcasing the skills they have learnt through the Good Citizen Dog Training scheme.

“The standard of competitors was very high and the pair should be proud of their achievement. The Pre-Beginner Stakes are a great way for dogs and owners to enter the obedience world and I wish them luck in the future.”

To find out more about the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme visit the website

Show Secretary’s write up for Elm Park weekend

What a good weekend with brilliant weather for Elm Park’s last show at Orsett. We have a lovely new venue for next year at an equestrian centre in Rettendon, just off the A130.

Firstly the thank yous. To all our judges and stewards for giving up their day. Hope you all enjoyed your judging. Thanks to Richard Kebble for being our Chief Steward, to all the Elm Park helpers, who did a great job in setting up the rings, helping to organise the marquee, manning the gate and keeping the judges refreshed and all the other 101 jobs that needed to be done throughout the weekend. And all hands on deck to take it all down again. A big thank you to all.

Congratulations to our ticket winners, Trish Jones with Ob Ch Longwaves Cloudy Sky who did the double to win both days, Kath Russell and Ob Ch Sarkam Explicit Image for Ruskath winning the girl ticket on Saturday and Sue Monk with Ob Ch Ruskath Knockout Image for winning the girl ticket on Sunday. Well done to all the winners of the other classes and to anyone who got a rosette at the weekend.

Hope evereyone had a lovely weekend and had a safe journey home.

See you all around the shows.

Julie Appleton