Sunday 10 March 2024, Mothers Day and the Crufts B1tch Obedience Championship. Frances & Rumour

Firstly I would like to thank Rob and his team for all their hard work both in preparing for and on the big day. It was a lovely round to work and it’s always a pleasure to be stewarded by Paul with his calm reassurance and skill of being in just the right place on every turn. The whole team and organisation were faultless. Thank you.

I have been completely overwhelmed by the wishes of Good Luck and congratulations we’ve received and would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone concerned.

I hope to see you at the shows soon.

On a personal level the whole Crufts experience has been unbelievable and amazing. I went hoping Rumour and I would complete all the exercises but she absolutely rose to the occasion. I am so proud of my girl and chuffed my handling held up on the day.

After many years competing in obedience to be the proud owner and sidekick to Obedience Champion Raital Rumour is absolutely a dream come true and to have won the Crufts Championship is out of this world.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this amazing experience.

Frances & Rumour

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