Obedience Championship Scene 2013 – part 3

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

As the evenings are drawing in its getting very close to the end of the Obedience shows for this year so time for another catch up on who’s been winning their ticket to Crufts 2014.

Sunday 14 July and the host show for today was Winchester DTC, looking through some of the judging reports it is described as a show that treats judges like royalty, has a relaxed atmosphere with good sized rings for the competitors and is run like a well oiled machine. Stella Henstridge was judging the Bitch ticket today and her top spot went to Mary Ray and ‘Ob.Ch. Red Hot Foxy Music’ who ‘showed first class heelwork and confident set exercises’. Dog ticket judge Sandy Wadhams awarded her first place to Bev Hughes with her lovely boy ‘Ob Ch Gwynfair Bear Necessities’, who gave a round of total commitment with flowing heelwork and completely faultless set’s.

The following weekend and handlers travelled north to Shotton on Deeside for the British GSD Training Club’s show on the 21 July, described by many judges as ‘Excellent’, with superb hospitality. The judge for Bitch ticket was Roger Gunby and at the end of the day his winning team was Lyn Tozer with her WS ‘Whatnow Pop Tonic’, this win making the dog up into an Obedience Champion. In the Dog ticket Steve Fraser and ‘Ob Ch Gwynfair Classical Gas’ were awarded the top spot under judge Mo Graham, their second ticket win of the year.

Down to Kent on the 27 July for a double weekend held by North West Kent DTC, with the ticket show on the Saturday, which turned out, to be one of the hottest days of the year, thankfully stays were reduced in length. Dog ticket judge Kamal Fernandez describing his winning team of Lorna Hilton and ‘Jupavia Magic Dreams’ as ‘in a league of their own’, capturing the essence of all that he was looking for. Mary Ray and the ever-popular ‘Ob Ch Red Hot Foxy Music’ took the top honours under judge Keith Gwilliam in the Bitch ticket.

The following day and many handlers made the drive northwards to the Redcar & District DTC show. The weather being much kinder to the competitors today with a touch of rain first thing in the morning, then it cleared leaving just a strong wind blowing across the showground. A show with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and they take extremely good care of their judges. Steve Rutter was judging Bitch ticket and his winning team was Denise Robertson with ‘Sinedes Taylor Made’ their first ticket win and the judge praised the handling as ‘Accurate, clean and fuss free’. Making her debut as a ticket judge today was Emma Lavender and her top honours in the Dog ticket went to Alison Gresty with ‘Ob Ch Double Jeopardy’ whom Emma described as ‘having excellent flowing heelwork, team work at its very best’.

So on into August and the first ticket show of the month was Hatchford Brook DTC on the 3rd. Another double weekend and this club have running shows off to near perfection, with a hardworking team of helpers, some judges did feel that the ring surfaces were a little uneven but everyone seemed to cope well. Taking top spot in Dog ticket under judge Lyn Tozer was the team of Suzy Tooley and ‘Ob Ch Woughstock Wynsome Hartze’ their second win of the year. Roy Page judged the Bitch ticket and his winner was Pat Watson with ‘Ob Ch Forever Magic It’s Flicker’ with one of the best rounds of heelwork seen in the class – sharp and smooth.

The teams travelled south the next day to Halstead DTC and their very first Championship show and wow did they pull out all the stops. The ticket classes had red carpet to the ring entrance and the spectator chairs were themed to gender, it would be brilliant if other societies could follow and make more of these classes. Judging the Bitch ticket was John Higgins and his winner was Jenny Gould and her GSD ‘Zakanja Little Creature’, a first ticket win for this pair and the round was described as ‘Pure class’ displaying a high level of confidence and superb handling. Dog ticket judge Herbie Watson awarded his first place to Michelle Dunscombe with ‘Forever Magic X Rated’, another team who were winning their first ticket here today, giving a display of superb heelwork with good set exercises

Saturday 10 August and attention switched to Scotland for the Govan & District DTC show, a well organised show with the judges and the competitors being well looked after and thankfully the weather held fair. Judging the Dog ticket today was Helen Rajska and her top spot went to Alison Gresty with ‘Ob Ch Double Jeopardy’ this team giving very little away losing just 2.5 marks in total. Winners of the Bitch ticket under judge Sandra Gordon were the ever-popular team of Kathy Ingham, and ‘Ob Ch Ruskath Portent Image’.

The following day and many handlers made the long journey south to Bedfordshire for the Woburn & District DTC show. Dog ticket judge today was Jane Wood and she awarded her top honour to Suzy Tooley and ‘Ob Ch Woughstock Wynsome Hartz’ describing the sheer joy of working that the dog has. Shirley Clowes was judging the Bitch ticket and her first place went to Sue Jaggers with ‘Rethymni Demeter’ another team winning their first ticket and passport to Crufts 2014.

The Welsh Kennel Club show at Builth Wells on 17 August has quite a unique atmosphere as the show is mainly for Breed with some Agility and just the ticket classes in the Obedience rings so most competitors spend a relaxing day by the ringside supporting each other. Dog ticket was judged by Richard Keeble and his top spot went to Jessica Lewis and her G/Ret ‘Pepsanner Atlantic’ a team in perfect tune with each other, an overall mouth-watering round. Philomena Barnes judged the Bitch ticket and awarded her first place to Carolyn Heath and ‘Ob Ch Forever Magic Phoenix’

The following day and from one side of the country to the other as competitors headed to Ditton DTC show in Kent, a well organised double weekend, plenty of room to exercise the dogs and a decent working surface. Jenny Lunn was judging the Dog ticket today and awarded her top spot to a delighted Jessica Lewis with ‘Colliewood Casanova’ a team winning their first ticket. This is a dog who has been so close, so many times but usually has a bit of a blip in either scent or stays, today he had no blips and earned a well deserved trip to Crufts 2014. What a weekend for Jessica after yesterdays win. In the Bitch ticket judge Pat Beeton’s top prize went to Kathy Ingham and ‘Ob Ch Ruskath Othentic Image’, this teams 3rd Ticket win of the year so far.

Saturday 24 August and Cambridge DTC were the host for today’s show, a super venue, such a shame that the rather inclement weather kept some competitors away. Mary Ray and ‘ Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans’ took the top award in Dog ticket under judge Kim Innes with Levi displaying confidence on all exercises. Judging the Bitch ticket was Jessica Lewis and her first place went to a delighted Kathy Ingham with ‘Ruskath Makana Image’, first ticket win for this lovely girl and Kathy certainly bringing out the best in her. Now for a record – this win means that Kathy has now qualified 4 dogs for Crufts 2014, and they are all home bred – that is a record that will surely take some beating.

So almost at the end of August and on the 25th the competitor’s headed to the Wakefield DTC show, another lovely venue with first class hospitality. Mary Ray with ‘Ob Ch Red Hot Foxy Music’ took the top honours in Bitch ticket under judge Annette Benoist, lying in 4th place before scent and the only team to go clear on that exercise. Taking the winners prize in the Dog ticket under judge David Strickleton was Christine Roberts with ‘Ob Ch Bheinn Its Cuddly He’s Dudley’, working as a ‘true partnership and oozing with confidence’

To the Midlands on 31 August for the Lichfield & District DTS show, a well run double weekend, not an easy venue to hold a show on but these people are stalwarts and strive to make everything run as smooth as possible. Wendy Hughes was judging the Bitch ticket today and it was a first win for Jane Moran and ‘Dusters Done N Dusted’, with a round described as ‘stunning’ with the best heelwork of the day. Dog ticket was judged by Janet Matthews and her top spot went to Mary Ray and the superb ‘Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans’ their 8th Ticket win of the year, what more can you say.

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