Back where we belong!

One question I’ve been asking recently is do I want to carry on with obedience ? Its certainly easier not too.

I’ve got used to just walking , and lie ins , the lack of disappointment .

Yet on Saturday morning at 4am in terrible weather my heart sung a bit as we got up. We laughed at the rain on the way , windscreen wipers on full blast . I laughed at the fact I was too fat to fit into my waterproofs .

As we turned up the hill for Plymouth, I felt those familiar butterflies , and I remembered why. As we pulled into the venue id been to countless times over 20 years. I felt like I’d come home . To see “my family” again.

And it rained and rained and rained .

As I worked my dogs I felt the glow . My footwork was questionable , my dogs felt incredible , alight . They were loving it , gosh they were norti too , so out of practise , but it was great.

Its easy to be happy and love obedience on a sunny day , but to truly love it on a cold wet day with a great big smile and a zillion missed positions , makes it even more special. And there was no longer any question. We were back where we belong and happy to be so. Thank you Jason Bath for some precious pix

Michelle Verrill

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