Chadkirk 2017 Show Secretary Report

By Jan Tootall

So proud of members of Chadkirk Dog Training Club for putting on a grand show last weekend. Not many show organizers have the privilege of having so many people who know exactly what to do, where and when without asking. The teamwork and camaraderie was exemplary, without which, the show weekend would not have run as smoothly as it did. This done with bad backs, shoulders, hips and knees!

Thank you also to Donald & Beryl Wright for pitching in to put up rings. You all worked so tremendously hard.

A very big thank you to my fellow club members – a great Chinese feast on Friday night to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday rounded off preparation day.

Many thanks to all the judges, their teams of stewards, for many, giving up a day of competition, to stand in whatever the elements throw at them. We are all, club and competitors alike, appreciative of your willingness to give of your time, and thank you judges for the show reports now coming in.

Thank you JP and Chris Burgess for controlling the Stay Ring so expertly and once again, thanks to Beryl Kelsall & Ann Boxall who have been providing lunches for judging teams for nearly 20 years, supported by the ever present Lyz Ludlow.

Competitors – hope you enjoyed your weekend. Well done to the successful teams, and congratulations to Mary Ray and Kathy Russell on your CC wins. Good Luck to you both at Crufts 2018.

Apologies to some competitors – a mystery surrounds how an ‘A’ ring and a ‘C’ ring changed places overnight! This put two ‘C’s together, one in a smaller ring and ‘A’ handlers in a massive ring.

Always a pity when an incident happens to mar an otherwise pleasant event. Being abusive to a parking steward is unacceptable. This done by one person who, if I had known before judging began would have been told to leave.

2018 Chadkirk scheduled for 29th June, 1st July.

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