Coventry Open Show – Show Secretary Report

Firstly I would like to acknowledge Jane Webb, all at CDTC wish you a speedy recovery and we are happy to hear you are up on your feet.

This year due to the NABBTS “situation” we worked hard to ensure that competitors had options and extended our closing date. We also hosted MBCC tickets to ensure these did not get missed, thank you to Sheilagh for working so closely with us to ensure this went seamlessly.

So – A huge thank you to the team of helpers who came to help us set up/put away the show. Starting with the staff at Barker Butts RFC for allowing us to use the venue and the guys for cutting the grass and helping put out/collect the ring posts and ropes in the tractor. Then all the other jobs that are too numerous to list – Thank you to Glenis, Jean, Dawn, Carolyn, Knock, Les, Malcolm, Steve, Zach, Julie, Michelle, Pat P, Chris, Mike, Linda, Jaqui, Pat (with Ozzie), Pauline – I hope I haven’t missed anyone !

Our biggest concern this year was the heat and trying to be as helpful as we could offering areas for the dogs/people to cool down. We have areas where trees offer some shade but we again, had our paddling pool out, and this year, in addition, we also had a hosepipe, which went down a storm. We also extended the stays rings to allow more space for the dogs.

Our Chief Steward (The Right Honourable) Nigel Slater made himself busy first thing getting around the rings talking to all the judges offering his support for stay time reductions and checking rounds were not too long. Nigel as usual was gainfully employed all day, visible all over the showground ensuring everything went like clockwork.

We had a visit from the Kennel Club and I don’t think there was any stone left unturned, even the Gents loos were inspected! Verbally we have been advised we received an “Excellent” so we are waiting with bated breath for our confirmation certificate. Again this wouldn’t be possible without the team we have.

Well done and thank you to all our Judges, Stewards, Scoreboarders, scent decoys and stay stewards, being out in the heat, we really really appreciate it. Especially those who stepped in at the last minute – Darren Wallace, Kathy Hood, Peter Height, Steve Rutter, Steve Frazer, Mandy Paplow, Paul Burbidge-Grant. The wonderful Marcia – Chief Stay Steward extraordinaire, such a fabulous human being. Our amazing first aiders, Lisa Fellows and Sue Brown, we appreciate having your knowledge and skills available to us throughout the day.

Hats off to George (Barker Butts) for such a fabulous spread/buffet – I think we get judges at the show just for the lunch ?

Last but by no means least the “little people”. We had a number of children help us out so a big thank you to Max, Zach, Iyra, Mathew, Daniel, Lukas and Kane.

See you next year!
Kelly Green

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