East Kilbride 2017 Show Secretary’s Report

By Anne Marie Parker

As usual the annual report begins with a huge thank you:

Thanks to all of the members and their families who turned out to help on the day, especially those who were on the field at 7.00 to assemble the rings and make sure everything was in order. Special mention goes to Kirsten, Joan and Alan who had done it all the day before at Kilmarnock.

The Burnbank ladies and Lesley who are ace ring putter-uppers and taker-downers, not to mention Lynne & Lesley’s tent skills; Sandra and Margo for [wo]manning the car park – not an enviable task but they did an ace job.
To the staff in the kitchen, members and their families and non-members for assisting Sheena in the nerve centre; Sue Howell also did more than her fair share of baking and serving!

To Sue Barclay for putting on a fabulous buffet for the judges and their teams and to Kirsten and Joan again for getting the pinnies on & doing their best waitress impressions!

To all of those who helped in the stay ring [if you build it, they will come]:
Pamela, Ethel, Judith, Christine, Margaret, George, Charlotte; I hope I have not missed anyone and if I have I apologise but thank you hugely as we could not have managed without you.

To all of our judges, stewards, scribes and scoreboard markers, thank you for giving up your day so that others can get the chance to compete with their dogs.

Thanks to Alexis for stepping in to judge at short notice, and to Carole & Ellen who both stood in to scribe; I hope you are both on the mend now, Janice & Jean.

Thanks for all the lovely compliments – sorry we couldn’t stop the rain in the afternoon – and also to be complimented by the judges on the quality of the rings is very satisfying.

Congratulations to all of our class winners and to those who were placed, from Special Pre-Beginners to Championship C, and good luck for the rest of the season to everyone who entered.

I think we are so lucky to have such a giving community in Scotland as most shows up here cannot go ahead without the help of other clubs on the day of the event. Thank you all again; we need to support one another to keep our shows going.

So the work will start again soon, planning for next year as the cycle continues…..

See you all next year on Sunday 2nd of September 2018 when our Ticket judges are Kathy Russell & Carole Patrick.

Anne Marie

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