Kilmarnock DTC Show Secretary Report

Well 2018 show came around in no time at all and with it came a challenge to find a venue at short notice , but , never to run from a challenge we scurried about and duly found one , Thank you Morris Equestrian Centre for allowing us to use the outside arena

Now to the gratitudes
Firstly to the judges and stewards who gave up their day to allow us to enjoy our sport ??, special thank you to Sandra Gordon who stepped in at short notice to judge class C for us , Karen I hope Gerry is on the mend now and feeling much better , I’m very sorry that my request for the ☀️☀️ obviously got lost in the post but like true soldiers you battled on with smiles for the competitors , Many thanks

To Drew our Chief Stay Steward and his band of helpers again , thank you so much , a bit of a battle of wits what with the rain and the terror wasps , ?? but none the less a job well executed

For all the committee and other helpers , I appreciate its a long day from the wee hours of Saturday morning until its all packed away again , however you just get on with it for the good of our sport , Thank you is two small words that don’t seem to say enough but it really is greatly appreciated by myself and others , so ,
Take a bow each and everyone of you

We hope to see you all again in 2019 , I’m on the look out for a venue already .
To anyone off to Crufts 2019 , including our club Secretary Helen with Diva , Good luck

I wish you all a happy successful season , what’s left of it

Aileen Moffat
Show Secretary

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