Lune Valley – Show Secretary’s Report

Wow what can I say, we survived a three-day show!!

The weather threw everything at us, thunder, lightening, torrential rain, and a heat wave and the M6 motorway didn’t do much better with closures on Saturday and Monday morning holding up our competitors, but we kept smiling!!

My thanks as usual to the ‘Wigton Crew’, particularly Pat and Linda. As usual all camping pitches were marked out and the gate was manned with your usual vigour, we couldn’t manage without you and we are all very grateful.

Dave, Harry, Alan and Ian your help was invaluable, we just couldn’t have done all that setting up and taking down and packing away in the barn and container without you. Words cannot say how we appreciate your help and hard work. See you all next year!!

Thanks to all our judges and stewards for giving up your day to allow others to compete. Thank you to our Chief Stay Stewards, Roly Jackson, JP Greene and Steve Rutter and to all our stay stewards, a thankless but necessary task. Thank you to our ticket Judges, Dave Banks and Heather Grey and well done to our ticket winners, Herbie Watson and Philomena Barnes.

We may have to re-think our skips for next year, I cannot believe how much rubbish you all produce!! I do think if the skip was overflowing when I got there, I would take mine home! However, that said, on the list for discussion at our next committee meeting.

We have had quite a few offers of judges for next year but are still short if anyone would like to offer, 1/2/3/ August 2020, book your holidays early so as not to miss out. We are also looking for judges for our show 25th January 2020 if anyone can offer, we would be most grateful.

And finally, on a sad note, we have to inform you all that our caterers, Rhonda and Dave, have served their last buffet!! They will be greatly missed by everyone, their food and especially their puddings have been well received by everyone over the last 10 years. Again this is on the list for discussion at our next meeting, hopefully we will come up with a suitable alternative. Thank Rhonda and Dave for all your hard work and smiling faces, we will miss you.

Well that’s it for 2019, see you all next year.

Lesley Alsop

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