A team of Manchester Terriers won the Obreedience competition at the world’s biggest dog event, Crufts, on Thursday 10 March.

The Manchester Terriers team, named Manchester Reunited, proved themselves more obedient than the seven other breed teams that made it to the final at Crufts in Birmingham. The other finalists were as follows:

Cool Cockers – Cocker Spaniels

The Wagtails – Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Golden Acorns – Golden Retrievers

The Labrapaws – Labradors

Paw Patrol – German Shepherd Dogs

The Russellers – Jack Russell Terriers

Pot Noodles – Standard Poodles

Obreedience, an exciting team obedience competition, was introduced at Crufts 2014 as a special display event. Now in its seventh year as an official competition, obreedience continues to grow and entertain the crowds that come along to support their favourite breeds.

The winning team members were:

Ann Harrison with Sophie (Sophyla’s Sophie) from Congleton

Brenda Harrison with Sadie (Larkswing Belle Star at Rosadyva) from Northampton

Chris Harrison with Teal (Magpiebank Teal) from Congleton

Lavinia Paxton with Donald (Lake Sunset) from Hinckley

And the reserve team members were:

Jean Walker with Briar (Ch Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin) from Hinckley

Lesley Olbinson with Grace (Rattustrap Citra At Carapast) from Manchester

Team captain Jean Walker commented on the win: “The heats, which are held throughout the year, are great fun to take part in, and very competitive.

“I would like to thank the team for their continued enthusiasm both in the heats and the final, including my very able and uncomplaining co-reserve. I also wish to thank the judge and stewards, and everyone else who contributed to such a wonderful day.”

Vanessa McAlpine, Crufts Show Manager, said: “Congratulations to all the Manchester Reunited team on a highly deserving win. The team were a fantastic example of highly trained, obedient dogs and the bond between each dog and their owner, as well as within the team, was incredibly heart-warming to see.

“The obreedience competition is a brilliant way to show off the fact that any breed, given the right training and socialisation, and of course patience from their human counterparts, can do well in competitive obedience. We look forward to seeing which breeds excel in obreedience at the heats being held throughout 2022.”

Each obreedience team comprised of four handlers and dogs, who took part in two rounds.  The first was a heelwork round completed as a group, with the dogs being assessed on their ability to complete different moves whilst remaining synchronised with their teammates. The second round featured four set exercises and each member needed to successfully complete one of the four different exercises. Points were deducted for any faults and the team with the most points won. The exercises were a retrieve (handler’s own article), a send to bed, stop the dog, and scent over articles.

Further details about obreedience is available at

Crufts took place from 10 – 13 March at the NEC, Birmingham. For more information and results from the show, please visit

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