ObedienceUK moves to another hosting company

During November 2017 EVERYBODY noticed that there was something seriously wrong with response times on the ObedienceUK website.

What do you do when things are wrong? You contact the hosting company’s support desk and report the problem as you see it. (“Response of 30+ seconds!”) and expect them to find a reason.

However, they investigated and found “no problem” (their tests indicated responses of 5 seconds). What do you do then, after the delays continued for 2 weeks? (Evenings worse than the daytime.)

You take the support desks advise and upgrade (from the existing shared server) to another server (this time a clustered server). So a few days of setting up the new server and testing it.

Switch over ……….. and nothing has changed …… still the same pathetic response times.

I then had no alternative but to search for a new hosting company. In my mind it was not the fault of the website as everything responded perfectly until the last 2 weeks.

So another company’s shared server, and another setup (this time a database move as well), and more testing.

Finally on November 15th the site moved to the new hosting company and went LIVE.

For users the site came up “as usual” but they needed to sign in with their username and password!

Mission Complete ….. I hope you found the change seamless.

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