Scenar Therapy for Dogs

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

Development –

A team led by Alexander Karaseu developed the Scenar system, which was primarily used in their space programme as a means for astronauts to tend to any injuries whilst in space, although many doctors and scientists remained sceptical of its use. But then the economic climate in Russia led to doctors seeking non-pharmaceutical methods of treating their patients.

The Scenar system was put to the test in hospitals, clinics and by ambulance medics and they found Scenar had the effect of reducing significantly the need for surgery and long term use of drugs, and in recent years the success figures have been quoted at 80-90% across all medical conditions.

Seeing these figures Russian Veterinarians started to use the device on pets and other animals with the outcome far surpassing any expectations that they held, when first used as a supplemental therapy on dogs the results showed 60% of full recovery in the medical condition of treated animals.


How it works (the science bit) –

Scenar is a biofeedback device, it’s micro current output stimulates specific types of nerve endings into producing neuro transmitter chemicals, the Scenar detects areas on the skin, which are in need of treatment, then painlessly adds electrons to the body which re-establish any lost voltage, enhancing the production of ATP in damaged cells.

An incident of trauma or a disease affects the electrical voltage of damaged cells, at the origin of the trauma/disease the injured or affected site will have a much higher electrical resistance than any surrounding tissue.

In any body, human or animal, basic physics ensures that electricity flows towards the path of least resistance, which means that the bodies bio electrics take the easiest route, which in general means bypassing the injury. Therefore over time this decreased flow around the injured/diseased area reduces the damaged cells voltage and any healing is greatly impaired.

Using skin electro-stimulation and a highly sophisticated electronic feedback, Scenar continually monitors and adjusts, where needed, the next treatment signal, the signal from the device mimics a natural nerve impulse, the body recognises and responds to this. It assists the brain in recognising where the injury/disease is located and by stimulating the release of neuro transmitter chemicals thus enabling the body to heal itself much more efficiently.

The treatment does not mask underlying problems but forces the body to reverse the pathology; Scenar is extremely safe with no adverse side effects and very few contra-indications.


A more natural therapy –

Generally Scenar therapy is a highly effective, compact multi functional therapeutic hand-held device. It is now globally recognised as one of the best examples of Reflexotherapy.

Scenar ‘reads’ the skin, taking data from inner structures and organs within the body, using the body’s self-healing and energy reserves it enables whole body reactions aiming to restore any lost functions, whilst rebalancing all of the bodies systems.

In a nutshell Scenar therapy normalises all that is restorable, there is no negative impact and the effect of the therapy increases and remains for a long period of time after treatment sessions have finished.


Effectiveness –


In one of the first case studies of Scenar therapy on dogs with Eczema, the problem was eliminated in 5-7 days with, most importantly; no relapses of the problem after the treatment had finished. Treatment of this problem by standard veterinarian practise would be approximately 3-5 weeks with relapse possible.

Scenar therapy can be used effectively for oncology, allergies and immune system deficiencies. It is completely safe to use on all ages and breeds of dogs, bitches in whelp and newborn puppies. The results show that the effectiveness of Scenar therapy alone is 90% on average for all conditions, 60-65% of cases making a complete clinical recovery, which is achieved on average 2 – 3 times quicker than normal.

It has been proven to give deep relief to painful conditions and is being used to great effect on canines all over the world.


To sum up


The Scenar machine is a hand held device, not much bigger than a phone, so no large pieces of equipment to off put an animal receiving the treatment. For use on dogs most therapists use a comb like attachment to enable the device to read through the fur to the surface of the skin.

Many dogs begin to feel so comfortable during treatment that they will often fall asleep whilst the Scenar is being used.

There are many therapists now working with the Scenar device in the UK. For further research type Scenar Therapy into a search engine or try

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