Show Manager’s Report – Chesvale

CHESVALE DTC Open Obedience Show
Sunday 28th August 2022

I must start by thanking the Chesvale membership for their support and hard work setting up on Saturday and working all day Sunday to make our show such a success. Special thanks to Clare Williams for all the work as show secretary before, during and after the show.

There were no incidents to report apart from the ridiculous site of Daniel Thompson and myself trying the put the Yumove banner back in its bag, together with an audience of admiring observers who didn’t offer any help as they were too busy laughing!! Clare Williams suggested that this might be an additional competition we could run every year … enter early to avoid disappointment!

Thanks to our super judges and their stewards who gave their time freely, with many competitors giving thanks for their efforts and for the help, advice and the time they gave to everyone who came into their ring. Our entries were 22 in Pre-beginner, 23 in Beginner, 120 in Novice split over 3 parts.

The weather was perfect although a little hot at times which made the doggie spa paddling pools popular with our braver canine visitors. Our fantastic caterers were on hand to not only cater for the competitors but also offering doggie breakfasts and home-made doggie biscuits (the biscuits sold out early!!) As usual our ladies that do lunch produced a feast for the judges and helpers at lunchtime and an amazing cake display at teatime. One thing Chesvale is renowned for is our catering and no-one goes home hungry!

The training rings were manned by Donna Bastin and Laura Wiley who worked tirelessly throughout the day with Sheila Rodger keeping tabs on the running order. Thank you for all your hard work, I know you were exhausted by the end of the day. Interesting that no-one kept them waiting to go into the training ring but some did unfortunately keep the judges waiting in their classes.

The tombola and training ring takings of £224.00 will be donated to Valgrays Animal Rescue.

We would like to thank YuMOVE for their support and donations of a supply of their super product for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and sponsoring the rosettes and trophies for each class.

I have already posted a few photos of the day on the ObedienceUK facebook page. The atmosphere at the show was fantastic, relaxed, friendly with a huge carpark allowing plenty of room and options for where you wanted to set up camp. We were touched by the number of wonderful remarks and thanks given to us on the day and in some posts on Facebook, it is always great to hear that you have done a good job.

Final thanks go to all the competitors who came to the show, it was lovely to see so many old faces and many new ones. We look forward to welcoming you at our 2023 shows on Sunday 7th May (not the bank holiday weekend in 2023) and Bank Holiday Sunday 27th August 2023.

Carol Spencer
Show Manager and proud Chairman

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