Show Secretary’s Report – Elm Park

What a weekend. It started with losing the Chief Steward, then losing the Show Secretary, we also lost a ticket steward and PetNeeds, so had no trophies, and even the caterers were one man short. At least the weather was kind to us. After the threat of rain on Sunday, it turned out to be a lovely day.

The show ran smoothly as normal even with these hiccups as we have a very experienced team of people to help.

Thank you to Sandra Cobbold for stepping in to be Chief Steward. To Ian Appleton for stepping in my shoes as well as his own lol. To Kath Westell for making sure Ian didn’t mess it up too much. To Clare Jameson for stepping in to steward the ticket for Roy Neal at very short notice, despite only stewarding her first C recently.

Thank you to all the Elm Park gang, Jan Witham, Claire Bloomfield, Julia Tuck, Nicola Smith, Paula Kenny, Janet Long, Les Tolliday, Mick Johnson, Lyn Johnson, Kim Ford, Sue Starr, John Westell, Julie Enright, Sandra Barnes, Chrissie Gordon, Sue Stevens, Colin Sutton, Julie Phillips, Ewina and her daughter.
Thanks also to Vanda Fitter, Linda Plows, Myra McCarthy, Les Willis, Shawn McCarthy, Malcolm Hanlon for helping with the gate duties.
Thank you to all our judges, stewards and scoreboarders for giving up their day.

The other notable event of this weekend was Barry Fitter’s last judging appointment after 37 years of judging most weekends. There was a presentation at lunchtime on behalf of Elm Park and the wider obedience community. Thank you Barry for all your years of service to obedience.

Congratulations to all our ticket winners. Kamal Fernandez and Firetouch Super Girlie and Firetouch He’zz Kynda Hot, Trish Jones and Ob Ch Longwaves Cloudy Sky , Sue Monk and Ob Ch Ruskath Knockout Image and the winners of all our other classes. Very well done to you all.

I was very disappointed not to have been there this year but look forward to seeing everyone at Acorns or around the shows next year.
Good Luck to you all.

Cheers Julie Appleton

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