Show Secretary’s Report – Birmingham & District GSD Assoc. Shows 14th & 15th Sept

Another year over, all equipment and stationary packed away, except judges’ contract for next year.

This year was our 70 years anniversary, so every judge and steward received a small gift from the Association. Thanks to everyone who attended our show. It was a great success, no problems and the weather was superb for the time of the year.

Special thanks to all our judges and stewards and the numerous helpers who started on the Tuesday before the show marking out the rings, wardens in the paddocks, gate stewards, stay stewards, decoy stewards, people who helped set up the show, man the refreshment tent and dismantle on Sunday. There are too many to name but you all know who you are, without you these shows could not be run, you are all invaluable and reside all over Great Britain and meet up in the midlands for a weeks holiday.

Special thanks must go to Bryan Luckock who is our Chief Steward for both days and Marcia and Andy for being Chief stay Stewards.

It was the first time I had stayed on site for the duration of both weekends. I now know why so many people stay, before dusk on the Sunday night there were 14 rings erected for training throughout the week. With brilliant weather, everyone was willing to help anyone who wanted to work through a problem and people moved from ring to ring. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

I understand some judges were disappointed with the fact we only put a class list in the judges envelope instead of a full catalogue. We were thinking of the environment and trying to cut down on waste. Out of 593 competitors 219 witheld their address (37%) so the full catalogue gave very little extra details. Next year I will ask judges if they would like a full catalogue to rectify this mistake. (I am prepared to learn and take your comments on board).

With regards to running orders, it is impossible to please everyone. At present there is a discussion taking place on facebook, hopefully a solution will be found.

Enjoy the remainder of the showing season and hopefully see you all next year.

Kathy Hood (Secretary)

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