Show secretary’s report – Elm Rock Weekend

Yet another successful Elmrock weekend done and dusted. From setting up in a heatwave on Friday, to arctic temperatures and torrential rain on Saturday, to fairly chilly but sunny on Sunday.

Where to start with the thank yous?

A huge extra special thanks must go to Dave Gillett who comes along to help us put up the rings on Friday, even though he’s not a member of either club. Not only that, he also kindly stepped in to judge B Dog on Sunday after Shirley Hayward broke down on the way to the show (hope your car’s not too poorly Shirley!) Dave you’re an absolute star, thank you ?

Thanks as always to the ladies on the gate on Friday – Teresa, Vanda, Linda and Gaynor. Much appreciated! And grateful thanks to everyone else who helped with the rings etc on Friday.

Massive thanks to Malcom & Sean who manned the gate all weekend – a pretty thankless task but necessary. Thanks guys!

Thanks also to Les who volunteered to do the silly o clock in the morning gate duties both days. Again much appreciated!

Huge thanks to all the Thurrock judges and stewards. I hope you enjoyed your day with us.

Thanks as well to the people who answered my request for score stewards, especially Domini who made a special journey.

This is now beginning to sound like an Oscar speech!!

Massive humongous thanks to Fran Godfrey for finding our decoy stewards again this year – I can’t begin to say how much easier it is not having to search around for spare bodies in the afternoon when everyone’s busy. And thank you to said decoys for your help. Thanks as always to Rod White and his stay team – Charlie Webley, Trevor Curtis, Kay Griffiths, Dave Law, Steve Parmiter who did the lunch time slot, and everyone else who “volunteered” after Karen Smith went round with her little book ? Cheers Karen xx

Whopping great thanks to Richard Kebble for being our Chief Steward again. Hope we can persuade you to do it all again next year lol.

Phew nearly there!

I’m sitting in the van by the gate waiting for the last of the happy campers to leave, writing this and frantically trying to think if I’ve forgotten anyone. I sincerely hope not ☹️

Last of all, mega thanks to all our Elmrock gang for all their hard work over the weekend. Another successful year!

Congratulations to our 2 Ticket Winners – Kathy & Zuri and Mary & Frankie. Good luck at Crufts!

Kath Westell

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