Show secretary’s Report – Newbury

The Newbury Open Obedience Show – Sunday 9th June 2019.

Well what a show it was this year. Everything was going according to plan but then The DIVERSION hit us. Yes, the M4 was open, the A34 was open but the two couldn’t meet as the Roundabout at junction 13 which joins them was Closed!! Oh my word, that ‘fan’ soon became clogged with ‘it’.

I rang the Highways Authority (HA) and liaised with Andrew Dicker from the Agility show – which was being held on the same weekend and only half a mile away. Unfortunately they couldn’t change anything but did say they would put a ‘Diversion/Showground’ sign at the Robin Hood Roundabout and the B4009. They were also most helpful sending maps and clear instructions to me for issue to whoever wanted them, and there were lots who did.

I also rang the Kennel Club to ascertain what we could do with regard to the Booking-in time and they granted me special dispensation to extend it! They also said it was up to me, as Show Secretary, to amend or make any other adjustments I thought necessary to aid the smooth running of the Show, despite the inconvenient diversions. . In fact, the only thing I thought necessary was to re-schedule the first Stays. The KC couldn’t have been more helpful and I thank them very much.

Some of the other people who were a huge help to me at this time were Bernice, Les, Rebecca, Sue G, Heidi, Joan, and the man with all the answers, our Supremo, Roy. Thank you All so much, you really helped to ease my problems.

Then there are the usual prolific and willing workers who knuckle down and produce the ‘nuts and bolts’ every year which culminate in our usual happy and efficient show. ie The early Saturday crew of Angie, the inimitable ring planner, laminater and notice provider; the Ever-Ready champion Gofer Carol, who is only happy when she’s working, paint spraying and bashing in the wobbly posts, and me with my can of paint. The rest of the crew arrive about 10.30am and carefully venture into the container, sorting, removing, and then erecting the ropes and stakes. Joan organises the hall together with the flower ladies Wendy and Diane. Pet Needs provides us with the trophies. Ellie, Sue and Martin provide the bacon butties. Karen takes on the rolls, the cakes and the cream teas. Val W is the caterer who provides us with our delicious 3 course lunch.

Then on Sunday THE day of the Show. Judges and stewards, more family and friends were added to our already brimming list of helpers. There was Jane in charge of car parking and Kate, under Alan’s direction, in charge of stay stewards and Val D keeping her eye on the Rules and Regulations. Thank you all. All this help makes me happy and all my prior admin work worth while.

Whilst I’m at it I would also like to thank my committee at NDDTS who allowed me to run the Show again this year and for their continued support on both days. How can I possibly thank all the people who helped to run our show. Thank you seems so inadequate but that is the best I can offer. So THANK YOU to you all – committee, club members, family, friends, et al.

Last but definitely not least I would like to Thank You, the contestants, for entering and working at our show and never complaining. I really appreciated your company. You were Brilliant To be honest I did expect some adverse comments about the diversions but there was nothing. Yeah!

Doreen Davies
Show Secretary

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