Show secretary’s report – Reedyford Open Show

Can I first thank all of the committee for putting in the amount of work needed to put on this show, their really are just a handful of us , Edward our Chief Steward, Elaine our Chief Stay Steward along with Susan,Diane,Judith,Lynne and Maureen (stay Stewards) , Lynne & Judith serving the Judges & Stewards their food in the Cafeteria, Diane boiling kettles , Brenda & Susan running round doing a bit of everything , we were missing one member Wendy who couldn’t make it due to having some devastating news on Thursday, she was very much missed by us all, also Audrey Wilkinson who was there to help at the crack of dawn with setting up the rings and anything else that needs doing early on show day.

As always a MASSIVE Northern THANKYOU to all the Judges and Stewards for giving up their day to judge for us at Croft Top Equestrian Centre, with some of you travelling quite a distance to do so, without you all we wouldn’t have a show to put on, hope you all enjoyed your day our hospitality,

This show was almost cancelled due to having only 30 entries at the beginning of the week that entries closed, so it really does go without saying THANKYOU to all the competitors who entered and joined us on the day,

There was some very happy faces walking past clutching their Trophies, Rosettes & Prize Cards, well done.

The food in the cafeteria was excellent and the staff brilliant all day , and as a bonus the cafeteria overlooked both the main arenas where after some juggling about we managed to fit all the rings in this time, very decent sized rings as well, the cafeteria also looks over the smaller arena where the large stay ring was this time,.

The weather wasn’t behaving as it should we had a very wet day but I don’t think it put a dampener on the day as a whole..
The track leading down to the arena’s, got muddier as the day went on we had lots of rain from Wednesday and it is still raining now Sunday teatime so unfortunately there was nothing we could do about that ,

Hope you all had safe and uneventful journeys home with your precious 4 legged friends ,

If you won a ribbon or not your dogs are all so very precious and should never be taken for granted they can be gone in a heartbeat, cherish every moment you have them at your side as a team.

Just one last thing I was asked to pass on by the staff at Croft Top they could not get over how well behaved all the dogs were at our show and asked me to pass on their compliments.

All of us at Reedyford DTC look forward to see you all at our next show on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

Kym Pearson

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