Ticket Shows 2014 – part 3

By: Susan & Gemma Henshaw

Time flies we are already well into September and the nights are certainly drawing in, so time once again to catch up with the results from the Championship classes throughout July and into August.

Saturday 5th July and the first day of a two day show for Chadkirk DTC at Brabyns Park. A lovely venue with ample space around the rings and plenty of room for training and exercising the dogs. The judges’ catering was described by many as ‘sublime’ with compliments especially for the strawberry cream meringues. For the competitors good-sized rings with a level working surface and the committee must have friends in high places, as it was wall-to-wall sunshine for the weekend. Roy Page was in charge of the Bitch Ticket today and awarded his top honour to Lisa Brannan and ‘Moakies Mystical Moment’ who worked with ‘Confidence and commitment’. Judging the Dog Ticket was Marie Cartwright and her first place went to Janet Matthews and ‘Ob Ch Croftmist River of Krismoss’ always a force to be reckoned with at this level.

The following day and a journey down to the grounds of Berkshire Agricultural College near Maidenhead for the Cippenham (Slough) DTC show, this year being their 50th Anniversary, so a Diamond Celebration and huge congratulations to all involved in keeping this club running for so many years. Michelle Newman was judging the Dog Ticket today and her winner was Janet Bates with ‘Ob Ch Bluefizz Taika Chance On Me’, a dog described by Michelle as ‘he is impossible to not enjoy watching’. Bitch Ticket judge Dave Gillett’s top spot went to Dot Watts with ‘Ob Ch Zygdann Rockin Frenzi’, always a very popular team who seem to go from strength to strength.

Saturday 12 July and a trip down to the south coast for many teams to the Eastleigh & District DTC show at the Hampshire & IOW Police Training Head Quarters in Hamble, Southampton. A well organised show with good judges catering and excellent refreshments to the rings throughout the day. Unfortunately the weather was perhaps a tad too hot leaving some teams wilting a little but ideal for sitting out by the Ticket rings and watching the action. Judging the Bitch Ticket today was Sandy Wadhams and her top honour went to a delighted June Stenning with ‘Iatka Starshine’, a team who gave ‘total commitment with brilliant set exercises’. The win being this teams first Ticket, certainly a reason to celebrate. Pandy Keyte was in charge of the Dog Ticket and her very popular winner was Michelle Dunscombe with ‘Forever Magic X Rated’ a powerhouse of a dog who is always a joy to watch.

The following day and just a short trip to the Winchester City DTC show at Botley in Hampshire. Held on the recreation ground this club certainly excel at putting on their show, judges are directed to reserved parking under the shade of some large trees and the standard of catering is very high. Although quite a small ground there is still room to exercise the dogs and there are a couple of walks leading from one side of the parking area, most importantly on a hot weekend there are plenty of tree’s around for shade. Rob Bint was judging the Dog Ticket and his winner was Mary Ray with ‘Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans’ who worked last and according to the judge ‘Stormed it’, what more can you say about this team. Bitch Ticket judge Kathy Russell awarded her top spot to a delighted Jane Moran with ‘Dusters Done ‘N’ Dusted, a very popular win and their second ticket, just one more to get for that ultimate qualification of Ob Champion.

Sunday 20 July and many of the teams made the journey to the British GSD TC show (St Helens) in Cheshire. A club with a fairly small group of helpers but everything running like clockwork. The show is on a very large field on the site of a golf driving range, with plenty of space around well laid out rings and a good exercise area marked out at the top of the field. Gemma Easton was judging the Dog ticket and her winner was Mary Ray with ‘Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans’ second win in two weekends for this team who are certainly on a roll this year. In charge of the Bitch Ticket was Maurice Yates, who was judging his last class today, retiring after 40+ years in this sport and I am sure everyone wishes him all the best. His winner was Lyn Tozer with ‘Ob Ch Whatnow Pop Tonic’ who worked a ‘Stylish round with tidy set exercises’.

The following weekend and a two-day show at the Culverstone Recreation Ground, Wrotham in Kent for North West Kent DTC, another well-organised weekend with the Championship show on the Saturday. The grounds at this venue are quite extensive with ample room for the people that take their caravans for the weekend. Good size fairly flat rings with plenty of space around them, and lots of areas to walk/exercise the dogs. Judging the Dog Ticket was Lorraine Bennett who awarded her top honour to Lorna Hilton and ‘Jupavia Magic Dreams’, this being their third Ticket win and making the dog up to an Obedience Champion. The round being described as an’ Harmonious display of honest, powerful teamwork’. Colin Wright was judging the Bitch Ticket and his winner was an extremely happy Wendy Birch with ‘Gypton Just Della of Greyvalley’, who were described as ‘Truly in a different class’. A full four points clear of the rest of the teams going into the scent exercise – this was their first Ticket win.

Sunday 27 July and for many of the teams a long journey north for the Redcar & District DTC show, after being literally washed out of the showground two years ago the weather decided to be kind and apart from one small shower it was ideal working conditions all day. Competitors have the option of staying on the venue before and after the show, so you can enjoy a short break for a few days and explore the area. Kathleen Hood was judging the Dog Ticket and her winner was Margaret Ward with ‘Fellameeka Diamond Geyser’ with Margaret displaying very confident handling to which the dog responded and showed to his best. Bitch Ticket judge Sharon Dunstan awarded her top spot to Linda Rutherford and ‘Ob Ch Colliewood Confidential’ the dogs heelwork being described as ‘Poetry in Motion’, which perfectly sums up this team.

So into August and Saturday 2 saw the first day of a double weekend for Hatchford Brook DTC, near Birmingham. A good venue with ample space for caravans and cars on site, although the ground can sometimes be a little rutted in places. This year they had a rather wet start to the weekend but the rain did clear and the ground had started to dry out by the afternoon. This club always look after their judges and competitors, with good organisation and excellent catering, with nothing left to chance. In charge of the Bitch Ticket was Gerard Paisley and his top honours went to Mary Vessey with ‘Ob Ch Fenellark Charleston’ who displayed ‘accuracy and smoothness throughout the round’, a dog that certainly tries her very best and it shows. The Dog Ticket judge was Dave Howell and his first place went to Linda Rutherford and ‘Ob Ch Sixella Rumr Has It’ their third Ticket win of the year, and as with all Linda’s dogs this one is certainly making his name at this level.

Halstead DTC show was on the following day, at Earls Colne, near Colchester. Quite a spread out showground with the car parking in a separate field from the rings, apart from the stay ring, which is set to one side of the parking field. There is more than ample room to walk/exercise the dogs, as the parking field seems to go on forever, but you do feel slightly disconnected from the working area, especially if you are not there early enough to grab one of the parking spots at the start of the field. The ring area itself is fairly flat with good-sized rings and plenty of room around them, there is a very handy small hillock on which many people sat during the day as it gave a good view across the two ticket rings.  Many of the judges praised the lunch which was held at an on site golf club, which was a very short coach journey away. Judging the Dog Ticket was Emma Lavender and her winner was Gill Winyard with ‘Ob Ch Jonjosam Drunken Duncan’ working last in the class and stealing the show with ‘Absolutely stunning heelwork and a perfect send away’. Bitch Ticket judge Michelle Newman awarded her top honour to Linda Rutherford and ‘Ob Ch Colliewood Confidential’ who worked with commitment and style, finishing off a rather good weekend for Linda and her dogs.

Saturday 9 August and to Glasgow for some of the teams for the Govan and District DTC show at Cartha Queens Park RFC ground. A very well organised show whose committee really know just how to look after their judges, bacon butties and hot drinks on arrival, constant supplies of drinks and biscuits to the rings and a good lunch. The almost perfect weather topping the day off nicely for all concerned. Judging the Dog Ticket was Dave Banks and his top spot went to Linda Rutherford and ‘Ob Ch Sixela Rumr Has It’ with a round of controlled excellence and near perfect heelwork and to top off a superb day Linda also won the Bitch Ticket with ‘Ob Ch Colliewood Confidential’, Denim described as ‘works her little heart and soul out’ by judge Elaine Weelands, who was retiring from judging tickets today due to health matters, I am sure everyone wishes her their very best.

The following day and many teams made the journey to Bedfordshire for the Woburn DTC show, the second day of a double weekend for the club. The show is held on a rugby club ground and you do really need to book early if you want to stay for the weekend, as camping spaces are limited. Woburn is another club who are praised by judges and competitors alike for their superb organisation and hospitality, with special note being given to the roast dinner supplied to the judging parties. The Ticket rings are at one side of the ground, fairly flat working surface and of a very good size, with plenty of room around them for spectators to set up their chairs so that they can watch the competing teams, although with the tail end of hurricane Bertha making its presence felt today not many would have braved the ringside whilst it was overhead, describing the atmosphere as ‘dark’ would have been an understatement. Maureen Allcock was judging the Bitch Ticket and her first place went to Kathy Russell and Ob Ch/Wt Ch Ruskath Othentic Image’, their fourth ticket win so far this year with ‘Oddi’ giving her all once again, there’s certainly no stopping this little steam engine. Dog Ticket judge Jessica Lewis awarded her top spot to Janet Bates and ‘Ob Ch Bluefizz Taika Chance On Me’, another successful day for this popular team.

Onto Saturday 16 August and for some a journey across to the Royal Welsh showground in Builth Wells for the Obedience section of the 3 day Welsh Kennel Club dog show. Only the two ticket classes are held at this show and they are run by two stalwarts of our sport, Mike and Celia Vines, who create a very relaxed day for the competing teams. In charge of the Bitch Ticket ring today was Mavis Mills and her winner at the end of the day was an extremely happy Jane Moran with ‘Dusters Done ‘N’ Dusted’, this win making ‘Nellie’ up to an Obedience Champion. The round itself being worked with ‘style and accuracy and all exercises being performed to a high standard’. Steve Barnes was judging the Dog Ticket and his top honour went to Jessica Lewis and ‘Ob Ch Pepsanner Atlantic’ a team who certainly know how to make a ticket round seem easy.

The next day and a journey across to the south east of the country to Ditton DTC show, the second day of a double weekend. The venue is at the Ashford Rugby club ground at Kennington in Kent and many of the judges sang the praises of the superb breakfast and lunch, and also the well thought out gifts at the end of the day. The ground itself had plenty of room to exercise the dogs and the rings were flat with well-mown grass, making them ideal for working on. Judging the Dog Ticket was Sharon Webley and her winner was Mary Ray with ‘Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans’ with a ‘seemingly effortless performance’. Peter Lubbi judged the Bitch Ticket and his first place went to Kathy Russell and ‘Ruskath Makana Image’ ensuring their ticket to crufts 2015.

Onto Saturday 23 August and Cambridge DTC show held at the Cambridge RUF club ground. This sadly was the first show held without club stalwart Hugh Wynne and was held in honour of his memory.

Judges are made welcome with a cooked breakfast on arrival, a good lunch and ample service of refreshments to the ringside. Although the weather stayed fine and dry the early morning biting wind did send some reaching for coats, gloves and scarves but it then relented to a more gentle breeze as the day progressed. Judging the Dog Ticket was Anita Neal and her first place went to Lorna Hilton and ‘Ob Ch Jupavia Magic Dreams’, with a stunning round on all exercises. Jenny Lunn was in charge of the Bitch Ticket and her winner was a delighted Dominique Ficek and ‘De Risan Extra Hot’, only this teams third attempt in a Championship class and the round was described as ‘simply stunning, poetry in motion’, Dominique and Spice will be the first team from Germany to grace the Bitch Championships at Crufts. At the end of the day the winners of the two CC’s were presented with beautiful silver trophies in Hugh’s memory by Shirley Wynne, a fitting tribute to a gentleman who is sorely missed by many in our sport.

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