Show secretary’s report – Wigton

Well it happened! Having seen the state of the venue at the beginning of the week following a vintage car rally the previous day and a week of pretty incessant rain, I had serious doubts but a herculean effort by a number of people ensured we had a workable (not brilliant but workable) venue on which to stage our 50th anniversary show.

Special thanks has to go to Carol Birks and Roger Beasley who came equipped with ride on mowers to try and put some order into the ring area – Carol in fact came on three days to ensure things were as good as they could be!

Our own members managed to find sufficient decent area for the rings and it eventually stopped raining on the Friday to reveal glorious HOT conditions over the entire weekend.

As it was a special show, our 50th Anniversary, Jackie Reid (she of the exceptional catering skills) not only supplied fabulous meals for the judges but also a cream scone and cake tea for anyone who cared to participate on the Saturday following completion of judging together with a lovely cake courtesy of Angela Bragg.

My grateful thanks to everyone, Club members, friends, judges, stewards, handlers et al for helping to make this a weekend to remember – I hope the two dogs which took ill, Doreen’s GSD and Eileen’s Collie together with Audrey’s Collie (who took an instant dislike to the balloon flying overhead) all recover fully in due course.

Neil Walton kindly took over as Chief Stay Steward owing to Ken Lewin’s incapacity on the Sunday – many thanks Neil. Ruth Griffith, as always, came down from Annan on the Saturday and is now known as Ruthless Ruth on that day to officiate in the self same ring.

The Lune Valley girls managed the caravan booking in for the entire weekend which was much appreciated. Our appreciation also to the owners of Dalemain for allowing us the use of their event field in the most beautiful location.

We had the usual tombola, raffles, cake stall, toy stall, and various other stalls to tempt our handlers – I can’t name individuals as am bound to forget somebody but you were all appreciated as were Jackie’s catering corps.

Congratulations to all our winners but especially Kathy Russell and Raitin the winners of the Dog Ticket and Phil Barnes and Floozie taking the honours in the Bitch class.

We organise the show for all our handlers’ benefit but they make the atmosphere so thank you all. We hope you will come and see us at Dalemain again next year, 29th and 30th August 2020 or even our Winter show at Greenlands Equestrian Centre, Carlisle on 16th November later this year.

PAT WILSON – Show Secretary

Show secretary’s report – Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock DTC Open Show
Saturday 31st August

Well it was a close call, so much rain on the Friday & Saturday morning we were ready to cancel 🤔 , however we made it 😀 there was a couple of heavy showers throughout the morning but the sun made an appearance as well , thankfully.

We travelled to Eglinton Country Park this year ,lovely venue for the dogs & walks 🐕 , fingers crossed we can return again in 2020 when the sun WILL be booked and we hope to see you all back.

A few thank you’s now & I hope I don’t forget anyone.

All committee members , setting up at 7am in torrential rain & all day support 👋👋

To all the judges & their stewards for giving up there day to allow us to have the show 👋👋

Drew McCulloch & his stay team , great job 👋👋

Club members for support & raffle prize donations & Sharon made sure no one escaped the buying of tickets lol 👋👋

Kirsten Cowling for her removal truck of equipment & day support 👋👋
Alison & her husband ( sorry forgot his name , Joan Ingram ?? ) 👋👋

George Fry for aiding Jan with the car parking 👋👋

Homebaking brigade of Doreen Fry , Marion Riddicks , Sarah Smith , 👋👋
Tracey McMillan for preparing the judges lunch , fantastic food 👋👋

And everyone else who helped in any small way 👋👋

We wish you all the very best for the remainder of the season with your furry friends ,winning or not just enjoy them and look forward to seeing you next year Saturday 5th September 2020

Aileen & Committee Kilmarnock DTC

Show secretary’s report – East Kilbride

East Kilbride D.T.C. Champ Show
Sunday 1st of September

After the horrendous rain we had leading up to the weekend, what a relief that Sunday dawned dry & breezy! A short burst of drizzle midway through the morning was the worst we got – thankfully.

We are very fortunate that we can have access to the venue & it’s indoor facilities on the afternoon prior to the show, which saves us time & work early on the day – this is due to the cooperation of the staff at South Lanarkshire Leisure & Culture, and the ground staff at Brancumhall for which the Club is very grateful.

Thank you soooo much to all of our club members & also the members of Burnbank who turned out at 7.00 to help set up the rings & put up tents, and to all who helped steward Stays. I always think we are fortunate in Scotland to have such a strong support from other clubs and competitors to help make our Show Days go well.

Sheena and the kitchen ladies served up breakfast, lunch and cakes galore, as well as seeing that the judges were sent out fully nourished for the day!! Your hard work is always appreciated- Thank You xx

Sue and her ‘ladies in waiting’ provided lunch, which had all been prepared by Sue – and it was up to the usual high standard. Thank you all.
Thank you also of course to the judges and stewards who gave up their day competing to enable the show to go ahead.

Congratulations to all of our class winners – it’s fabulous to see the happy faces in the presentations.

Sadly we have had the last Show of the year here in Scotland – so set the date in your diary for next year – Sunday 6th of September.

Left at the Novice 1 ring were 2 dumbbells & we also have a blue knotted ball that was dropped on the bridge – just get in touch if you think they are yours. I will be at Stanhope.

Thank you for all the lovely comments made about the show- they are very much appreciated.

So another year has gone and hence the work starts again for next year! So happy to have the day off work to recover today – and for those who know me best, you’ll be happy to know that no manicure was harmed in the making of this show lol.

See you all around the shows.

Anne Marie & the committee of East Kilbride

Show secretary’s report – Lichfield

Thank you to everyone who came to Lichfield and District Dog Training Society’s 50th anniversary show this weekend.

The caterer letting us down at the last minute (literally 8.30pm on Wednesday night!!) was the start of a rollercoaster weekend!

Firstly a massive thank you to Jackie and Nyree from Hollywood Hotstuff , who came all the way from Wales to provide catering for the judges and competitors. They had just 24 hours notice and did an amazing job all round.

Tracey may have a career change by next year, as she is thinking of hitching a lift to Wales to continue her crash course in mobile catering!!

Thank you to everyone who entered, we hope you had a great weekend.

And a big thank you to all club members, as well as everyone who gave up their time to help in any part of the running of the show.

See you next year,

Bea and Tracey
(currently the most tired show secretaries in the UK!)

PS. We have decided to treat ourselves to a pub meal as we are too tired to cook anything (not that we have anything in to cook anyway!). I was definitely in the wrong lane at the roundabout on my road…. auto pilot to the show!B

Show secretary’s report – Ditton

Another year and another show over. Thank you to everyone who helped to make Ditton weekend a huge success. As some of you are aware lots goes on in the build up to the show. Thank you to Jamie RileySteve Carpenterand Deirdre and Tanya Butler, Teresa Paterson and Alicia Oakley for your pre show work as well as on the day.

Thank you to all the judges and stewards who give up their day to help everyone and to the Rugby club for their usual support and great food.
We have lots of help from some of our Committee and also others. This is what helps to run the show smoothly.

Great to see our club president Maureen Shelley come along too and spend some time with us.

Sorry for the weather not being sunny all weekend but there are some things we can’t be in control of.

At least after the rain came the sun!

The show is a time consuming event but always feels worth the work when you see people working together and you get to catch up with friends.

Thank you all for the kind comments and thanks as this is always welcome, especially after a long weekend.

Please feel free to get in touch with Teresa Paterson if you can help us with judging or anything next year.

So, until our next show, enjoy your dogs and have fun!

Lune Valley – Show Secretary’s Report

Wow what can I say, we survived a three-day show!!

The weather threw everything at us, thunder, lightening, torrential rain, and a heat wave and the M6 motorway didn’t do much better with closures on Saturday and Monday morning holding up our competitors, but we kept smiling!!

My thanks as usual to the ‘Wigton Crew’, particularly Pat and Linda. As usual all camping pitches were marked out and the gate was manned with your usual vigour, we couldn’t manage without you and we are all very grateful.

Dave, Harry, Alan and Ian your help was invaluable, we just couldn’t have done all that setting up and taking down and packing away in the barn and container without you. Words cannot say how we appreciate your help and hard work. See you all next year!!

Thanks to all our judges and stewards for giving up your day to allow others to compete. Thank you to our Chief Stay Stewards, Roly Jackson, JP Greene and Steve Rutter and to all our stay stewards, a thankless but necessary task. Thank you to our ticket Judges, Dave Banks and Heather Grey and well done to our ticket winners, Herbie Watson and Philomena Barnes.

We may have to re-think our skips for next year, I cannot believe how much rubbish you all produce!! I do think if the skip was overflowing when I got there, I would take mine home! However, that said, on the list for discussion at our next committee meeting.

We have had quite a few offers of judges for next year but are still short if anyone would like to offer, 1/2/3/ August 2020, book your holidays early so as not to miss out. We are also looking for judges for our show 25th January 2020 if anyone can offer, we would be most grateful.

And finally, on a sad note, we have to inform you all that our caterers, Rhonda and Dave, have served their last buffet!! They will be greatly missed by everyone, their food and especially their puddings have been well received by everyone over the last 10 years. Again this is on the list for discussion at our next meeting, hopefully we will come up with a suitable alternative. Thank Rhonda and Dave for all your hard work and smiling faces, we will miss you.

Well that’s it for 2019, see you all next year.

Lesley Alsop

Halstead Dog Obedience Club Championship Show Report on 4th August 2019

The sun shone brightly on the show this year it, and what a fantastic weekend it was. Team Halstead did it again. On Friday the happy campers were settled in, what a jolly bunch you are. Saturday evening the rings were put up by our merry band of volunteers, and before we know it the big day had arrived. Everything went smoothly and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, we even had ice cream wars to keep us entertained! We would like to thank all competitors for leaving the showground in the same immaculate state as it started, there were no poo issues, or any rubbish left for us to clear up, for that we are very grateful it makes the clearing away that much easier.

Now for, as our Mandy puts it “The Oscar speech”

Thank you so much to everyone that helped make the show run as smoothly as it did.

The dream team that are Ralph & Jeff who so expertly put up the rings

To Ivor although not a member hired the van, and loaded up, then unloaded the other end, and worked hard all weekend. Your help was invaluable.

Dave Gillet who paced out the rings for us and helped set up on Saturday

Betty & Jacqui who run their tea shop with such efficiency, keeping everyone supplied with tasty beverages.

To Wendy our new treasurer, you would never know it was your first ever dog show, you took to it like a duck to water.

Lisa Norfolk for running our raffle tent

Elaine our CS kept everything running smoothly and efficiently

Hazel for sorting out the ring plans, and generally working your socks off all weekend

The same goes for Mandy, Pierre, Georgie, Kate, Nicky, Anita, Tanya Miranda, Ricky & Lisa you are all amazing.

To John & Kath Westell for the loan of your awning as a storage facility, and John for being our first aider.

To Rod white and his stay team for running the stay rings without a hitch, thank you everyone that volunteered to stay steward.

To all our scent decoys

Last but definitely not least to Ann Cook our amazing show secretary, your last show. We thank you for all your hard work over the last 27years. I don’t think people realise how hard it is to be show secretary, so much goes on behind the scenes in order for you all to compete, we hope you enjoy your well earned rest, you will be missed.

Heartfelt thanks to you all. If there is anyone I have forgotten Huge apologies.

Thank you to our Ticket Judges Janet Oliver & Kim Innes and your amazing teams ( especially to Paul Spowage, My hero!)

Huge congratulations to our ticket winners Sue Plunkett & June Stenning. Good luck at Crufts 2020

Thank you to all our wonderful Judges, stewards and score boarders, without you there would be no show, we are truly grateful.

To all the competitors, thank you so much for coming. We really hoped you enjoyed your day, and look forward to seeing you all next year.

Becky Marshall

Chairman HDOC

Winchester City DTC Championship Show

Thank you Everyone who contributed to make yesterday’s show the success it was.

Our judges, stewards and stay team gave up their day willingly, so many club members turned out to help out with whatever jobs were needed for setting up at 6am to clearing away at 6pm. All of whom are needed for the day to take place.

The weather was just right for most of the day, warm and dry.

Thank you to all competitors for looking after the venue so well and helping to make the days atmosphere so warm and friendly.

We certainly appreciated all the complements, making all the hard work worthwhile, plus some useful suggestions for the future.

Finally many congratulations to all our class winners. We look forward to seeing you all again on Sunday 8 July 2020.

I do have a few items of lost property, 1 fleece jacket, 1 cardigan and 1 treat bag. Contact me directly to arrange for the return of what belongs to you.

Sue Garner

Show secretary’s report – BILLINGSHURST DTC

Once again we have survived another show. It was a marvellous weekend weather-wise.

We had a strong team, assisted by campers, putting up on Friday and another team, assisted by South Eastern members, taking down on Sunday.

It all seemed to go very smoothly.

The quiz on Saturday evening made £45 for our charity so thank you to Karen and her team for keeping everyone on their toes.

The training ring made £87 for the charity so thank you to Sally, Sue and Lynda for their hard work.

A few other personal mentions:- Chief Steward Sandra Cobbold, Show Manager Wendy Fisher, catering manager Marion Clarke, Chief Stay steward Lesley Holmes, Newbies Buddy and photographer Lin Bagley and anyone else who I have accidentally overlooked THANK YOU.

Alongside those special people are all our judges, stewards and stay stewards for giving up their day and not forgetting all you lovely competitors because without you we wouldn’t be running a show.

Congratulations to all our class winners and good luck to everyone for the rest of the season.

See you all next year on 27th June 2020.

Eunice. Show Secretary

Cheshire Dog Training Association – Secretary’s Report

Well, what a fab weekend we had for our very first double championship show and celebrating our 60th anniversary. Weather was terrific, though a tad too hot on Saturday then a downpour albeit for a short time, on Sunday evening.

Once again, we received many lovely comments both about our Show and the delicious lunch, once again provided by the fab Paul Burbridge-Grant – thanks Paul ! also the famous yummy Kathy Mangan cakes for afternoon tea.

We would like to thank the Judges, Stewards, Scribes and Scoreboards Stewards for giving up your time which is very much appreciated and to the Committee and members of CDTA who, without your help, would not have been able to put on such a successful weekend show.

We would like to congratulate our Ticket winners – Jodi and Fia and Mary and Frankie on Saturday and Jodi and Fia and Dot and Zyco on Sunday – good luck at Crufts 2020.

The dates for our double championship show next year is Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June.

Lisa Stock