BCOS Show Thank You’s & Results – Emneth 10th June 2018

The BCOS team would like to thank all our lovely judges Jo Hill, Sarah Connell, Wendy Wheatcroft, Kamal Fernandez & Kathy Woodgreaves and their fantastic stewards and scoreboarders for giving up their day to help everyone else enjoy theirs. Of course many other people helped and I am not going to mention anyone in particular for fear of missing someone out – you were all stars.

The results went to 10% of the Class and they were as follows :-

Grade 1 – Judge : Jo Hill
1st Vivienne Gensiorskyj with Ice
2nd Aleksandra Bekker with Zarina’s Design Tu Eres Mi Todo

Grade 2 – Judge : Sarah Connell
1st Kate Bartram with Lola Las Vegas
2nd Kate Bartram with Supafly Catch Me If You Can
3rd Bridgette Cameron with Nishgwy Yellow Submarine
4th Aleksandra Bekker with Zarina’s Design Tu Eres Mi Todo
5th Kirsty Stuart with Fedsig’s Blithe Spirit

Grade 3 – Judge : Wendy Wheatcroft
1st Roberta Summerfield with Ranahan Chasing the Thunder
2nd Lynn Farrington with Shloyan Galileo
3rd Samantha Ragus with Mediterranean Jet
4th Tracy Ansell with Chalkwell Worth A Shot
5th Victoria Main with Get Down and Bertie

Grade 4 – Judge : Kamal Fernandez
1st Yvonne Abra with Tinkerbell Fluffy Paws
2nd Loryn Oliver with Hanans Woopy

Grade 5 – Judge : Kathy Woodgreaves
1st Sylvia Allebone with Chalkwell Senior moment
2nd Tracy Ansell with Ch. Chalkwell Express Yourself

Grade 6 – Judge : Kamal Fernandez
1st Kat Farrants with Solarwind Star Sapphire OW
2nd Barbara Wuidart with Sarkam Pi in the Sky OW

Congratulations to all the winners – you have all won a Golden Tickets for the Saturday of our Grand Prix Final Show weekend due to be held on the 23rd & 24th February 2019 at the fabulous Moulton Equestrian Centre. You will all be emailed closer to the time with details of how to claim your free entry from your Golden Ticket.

A few short months ago the BCOS Team and the Anglia Acorns joined forces and agreed to run two seperate events at the same venue. The first day, Saturday was a training extravaganza organised by the Anglia Acorns to raise funds towards their new KC Show in October this year and the next day being a BCOS Show. Both teams worked together to set up and take down the venue then each team ran their own day. Both teams worked well together and it was a fantastic weekend

Finally, I cannot go without thanking Roy and Anita Neal who always keep me heading “in the right direction”

June Le Fevre

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