Show secretary’s report – Billingshurst Show

Well what a weekend that was! The weather was probably a bit too hot for dogs but we managed. I don’t do Facebook myself but I’m told there are lots of very nice comments about the weekend which we very much appreciate.

As always there are many Thank Yous and firstly a big thank you to Graham and the team of club members and campers who put the rings up on Friday. Also to Teresa and the Friday Parking Gang, who also did the day parking on Saturday and Sunday. Next thank you to the judges and their teams, along with Lesley Holmes and the stay team who were out in the sun all day. Next there is Marion Clarke and her catering team who kept the judges refreshments topped up and provided tea and cakes at the end of the day. Then there is a thank you due to South Eastern members who helped take everything down and load it onto our trailer ready for our agility show in July. And finally a big thank you to Wendy Fisher, show manager and my right-hand woman, and Sandra Cobbold, Chief Steward who, in spite of a bad leg, managed to keep the whole thing together both days. What a team!

There was a lovely relaxed and friendly atmosphere amongst the campers – we exceeded the stated limit of 60 by a considerable margin but we managed to fit everyone in. Thank you for parking where you were told and not leaving any rubbish. Most of all thank you to everyone who supported the quiz night. It was a bit of a last minute decision to run it but it was a huge success – mainly due to John the Quizmaster Extraordinaire. I suppose that means we’ll be doing it again next year! We made £110 for our charity collection, together with £77 on the tombola going towards Pet Blood Bank and Blind Dog Rescue UK.

I’m sure I must have left someone out but I hope not. It was a great weekend so thank you everyone.
Eunice Pearson
Billingshurst DTC
Show Secretary.

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