South Eastern – Show Secretary’s report

It’s amazing how people rally round when there’s a bit of a crisis on. Poor Barry Fitter, the mainstay of our show for so many years, ended up in hospital with pneumonia and immediately there was an offer of help from lovely Lou Holmes and Gill Winyard, our second, stepped up to the plate. Get well soon, Barry, we’re all rooting for you.

Then there’s my own situation. Not ideal, and I did wonder if this year would be beyond me, but I reckoned without Pat Burford, Sheila Legg-Smith, Gill Brett, Michael O’Callaghan and Derek Forbes! Nothing was too much trouble despite being bombarded by emails with various attachments, and even though I couldn’t get there I rested easy.knowing they took care of things on the day as well.

I gather the ice cream van had doggy ice cream on it, which was greatly appreciated by our competitors!

But it’s the last time I can do our show, sadly. It was tough enough this time, I shudder to think what it will be like next year. I hope someone can take it on because it would be too bad to see another show go here in the South.
So to the thank yous. As always, Eunice Pearson and the Merrie Band from Billingshurst – we can’t thank you enough for everything you do. This year was the first year we have included a Quiz Night, which I gather was a great success. Shame. I would have liked to have a go at that as well!
Terson Paterson, Gill Brett and Malcolm for sorting the parking, and Teresa for getting all our schedules and catalogues printing done and for sorting the running orders. Sandra Bailey, Ann Davidson and Katy Davidson for sorting the judges bags for us, and keeping them well supplied during the day, Sally Gannaway, Linda Hyde for looking after the training ring, Derek Forbes for looking after the paperwork in the tent and doing the judges envelopes, James Skorczewski, Vera Marney, Mo Shamsolmaali, Hattie Salih, Shamyla Gascoigne and the aforementioned Pat, Sheila and Michael for the general running around like blue-tailed flies and looking after the tombola stand.

To all those who did their bit stay stewarding, and to Janet Brown and Ann Cook who put in so much hard work finding them, to Rod White our Chief Stay Steward, in that heat it can’t have been funny so a huge thank you from us!
Sandra Cobbold, our Chief Steward. Thank you for being your usual calm self and looking after Derek, who did a sterling job with your support.

To all those who volunteered via Facebook or turned up on the day and offered their services – thank you! People like you are what keep these shows running.
To all our judges and their ring parties, thank you for giving up your day to work for us. We can’t thank you enough.

But most of all you the competitors, thank you for coming along to our show. We hope you had good day and to our winners many congratulations!
This is South Eastern signing off for 2018. We hope to see you next year

Chris King
Show Manager
South Eastern DTS

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