Chesvale DTC Show Secretary’s report


Every year, twice a year, I sit down to write my Show Manager’s report for our open obedience shows. Every year I don’t think that the Chesvale members can top their performance on the last year. HOWEVER, that is exactly what they did.

From arriving on Saturday afternoon, armed with grass rakes to ensure all the rings were clear of any lose grass clippings, to turning up early on Sunday morning to help set up the rings, assist with ‘tent erection’ and generally working like little beavers all day to make such a wonderful day for everyone. Not only our members but husbands and children (slave labour was mentioned at one point) mucked in with whatever needed doing. The ladies in the kitchen (used to call them girls when they started but time has moved on!) yet again supplied a fantastic spread for the judges and helpers at lunchtime and the second team came in to serve the afternoon teas and lovely homemade cakes.

The judges were brilliant this year as every one of them supplied their own ring steward so only had to find a couple of people who could do sums and colouring in for the scoreboards. I can’t tell you how much help it is not to have to find ring stewards!

Carol Ashton stepped in to take over as Chief Stay Steward for us and did a brilliant job. The weather was very warm and all the stays were reduced in time. We were more than covered with volunteers to stay steward throughout the day, so a big thank you to all of you that helped out.

The training ring was manned by Donna Bastin, Chrissie Skelly, Howard Plunkett – Sue Plunkett
also helped out later in the day after she had finished stewarding for Novice! They worked hard all day helping people practice and raised £166.00 which will be donated to The Border Collie Trust as they are soon to have to move premises due to HS2. I know everyone appreciates the opportunity to train in a show environment and thanks go to the team for their time and support.

The tombola as run by the Mc Shane family! Our youngest member Ceiran decided not to go to a party so he could take the money! The tombola made a fantastic £131.00 and the jigsaw sale raised £18.00 which means £149.00 will be sent to The National Animal Welfare Trust in Watford to purchase interactive toys for the dogs in kennels awaiting new homes.

I can’t thank all our members individually in this post as there were over 40 of them! However, I must mention Clare Williams, our Show Secretary, without whom the show could not operate and who took over when I had to deal with an incident – exceptional multi-tasking! The rest of our members know how grateful I am for their help and support.

Finally, to all the competitors who attended – we hope you had an enjoyable day and thank you for all the lovely comments and expressions of thanks for putting on a show. A little thanks goes a long way.

Our next show is on Sunday 26th August, pre-beginner, beginner and novice only, so look out for the schedule which will be available shortly. Also put next year’s May show date in your diary, Sunday 5th May 2019.

Show Manager


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