Crufts 2017 Inter Regional Obedience

Judge: Lee Lampert

My thanks to the Kennel Club committee for the invitation and opportunity to judge the Crufts Inter-Regional competition I had the most incredible days judging ever. This could not have happened without a great team and mine was exceptional! there hard work and dedication to me was amazing everyone stepped up to the mark and made my day one I will remember forever

Ring steward Carl Thorn one of the best stewards ever cool calm and efficient it was a privilege to work with you!

Lyn Collins my scribe how you kept up was amazing I couldn’t have had anyone better!

Velma Sellans escort and A steward multi tasking you were incredible!

Leslie Thomas score runner and stay set up steward again you got it spot on just brilliant!

Pam Casado A class escort stay and decoy steward well done on all your tasks excellent!

Janet Oliver collecting ring not an easy job but you managed everyone brilliantly getting everyone in order!

Last but not least Brenda Potiphar on the scoreboard you were amazing so efficient with everything sorted at the end of a long day! Many many thanks to you all!

Thanks also to everyone who came and practiced the rounds week in and week out especially June Stenning Diane Hewitt Diana Boxhall also thanks to Michelle Newman Ann Bussy and the lady with the lovely shepherd for practicing the night before.
Well done to all the team managers and preparing your teams I enjoyed the variety of dogs and there handlers.

The winning team was THE MIDLANDS congratulations to you all your team was the most consistent and first place was well deserved.

The individual results were
1st Wendy Evans with Lilly Gulliver Lab for Wales this team stood out neat and tidy work and well handled by Wendy congratulations
2nd Emily Crookes with Borderpride Love Actually B/C for Midlands best heelwork for this class unfortunately recall was costly still a brilliant round well done
3rd Sharyn Hall with Grandbelge Krosby Gronendal for The South East another lovely dog but was a bit loose on the heelwork overall a good round
4th Ann McDonald with Gadlock Lady Muck well done on your place you did well

NOVICE equal 1st place Elinor Anderson with Brandys Reddy for Myrtillas x breed for Wales very nice team Brandy trying very hard and nice handling well done
and also 1st Sue Lang with Chelmarsh All The Way Sheltie Midlands super little Sheltie lovely attention good set excercises well done
equal 2nd Ruth Martin with Shinrone Yeltzin Min Poodle for Northern Ireland fabulous little Poodle tried his heart out great heelwork super round well done
also 2nd Christine Richardson with Madabo Buffalo Soldier Min Schnzer South West another great little dog he really strutted his stuff in that big ring!

Class A 1st Lynn Griffin with Vaneldurks Angus GSD Midlands very nice shepherd super heelwork tight and very attentive sets were good a well deserved win congratulations
There are 4 dogs in 2nd place!
Carol Stewart with Ruskath Luminous Image WSD Scotland
Lesley Nicholes with Dunburgh Taylor Boy Goldie South East
Pamela Sullivan with Bandaitch Mack The Knife GSD/Goldie North
Alison Bowkett with Darkwolf Thesus GSD Midlands
all these dogs worked well so congratulations to you all

Class B 1st Tracey Eaton with Cleynhage On The Tiles Goldie North a good round heelwork neat and tidy smart handler no fuss just got on with it a worthy win well done
2nd Judith Owen with Tig The Tiglet Mikki Plum X breed Scotland great little dog really enjoyed there work super sendaway well done
3rd Dawn Cox with Holly West Fathings B/C Midlands worked a very creditable round heelwork was good but forgot to sit on a halt! good sendaway well done
4th Helen Boyde with Still Rockin & Heaven Sent WSD Northern Ireland pity scent took a few points as you would have been higher up but well done on a place

Class C 1st Connie Handford with Lupitoonz Simandconjo WSD South East this was a truly superb round apart from a missed position in DC I had very little to mark I can see this team winning tickets fab! great round congratulations
2nd Michelle Dunscombe with IT,s Jaro,s No Doubt WSD Wales well done on second place Rogue looked a little worried on heelwork but you experience got her through so well done on a well deserved place
3rd Sarah Jane Campbell with Sarkam Fuse The Dream WSD Scotland very keen dog nice handling well done
4th Rachel Cudworth with New Oak Dusty Boy B/C North sendaway was the main down fall but well done on your place.

I would like once again to congratulate Lou Jackson and the Midland team on there win!

Last but not least my thanks to Richard Kebble Sue Garner for there help and support prior to Crufts and to everyone else on the day!

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