Crufts 2017 KCGCDS Special Pre-Beginners Final

Judge: Pat Wilson

First of all I must thank the Kennel Club and the Crufts committee for the invitation to judge the two sections of this Stake, firstly the YKC element on the Friday and the overall section on the Saturday, an appointment which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have to thank my two stewards, Angela Bragg who ring stewarded on both days and Brenda Bragg my scribe who both did an ace job in spite of Angela feeling distinctly below par and Brenda starting with cold!
Assistance today was courtesy of the Good Citizens team, Heidi, Paul, Eileen, Dawn, Jane and anyone else I have missed my apologies. Eileen handed me a comprehensive result sheet almost before I left the ring after the stays for that Eileen, my grateful thanks!

The stake itself is run over two days, the Friday devoted to the YKC members of which there were 18 participants and on the Saturday to 20 teams. There were some lovely dogs taking part, especially on the Saturday when four or five could easily be successful in Beginners. A lot of the dogs (and possibly the handlers) were affected by the conditions which prevail at Crufts – crowds of people (sometimes 6 deep round the ring), barking dogs, tannoys, music etc. etc. but everybody tried their best some successfully, some not so but be proud of yourselves in any event.

I set a test which was as straightforward as I could make it in the conditions, play with the dog on entry to the ring and into heelwork which was a circle both ways and a short turn into the middle where the dog inspection was carried out. Recall followed and then control at the gate. Stays were at the end when everyone had completed their ring work.

The YKC event was split into three sections, under 12s, over 12s and over 18s with results as follows:

Friday Under 12s

1st Bobbie Lee and JAKEY OF ZELDONIS Cross. Jakey was a little overawed I felt and struggled with the play exercise but Bobbie handled him very well in the Heel on Lead exercise to get the best out of him. The rest was very well executed so very well done on your win.

2nd Hannah Searby and TINY RASCAL Cross. Losing points everywhere apart from the stays although excellent play but Hannah stuck to the task and supported her little dog very well after each exercise. Well done.

3rd Abbie Spink and STAFFORDWILL RADEBE Staffie. This pair struggled a little with the heelwork part of the test together with “I don’t really want to play” but the rest was very well done. I loved this little dog a real smiler!.

Over 12s

1st Abbie Nunn and MISS BESS Wk.Sh. Losing 2 points and quite simply this team were in a class of their own very accomplished round and they qualified for this final by winning their heat together with the Semi-finals in Edinburgh since when they have already won a Pre-Beginners and placed in Beginners. The future could be bright! Very well done Abbie and Bess.

2nd Catherine Mason and STRICKLAND BENNY BE GOOD Wk.Sh. and Benny certainly was a good boy today a pleasing worker with a lovely handler. Recall needs a little attention but the other exercises were well executed. Well done.

3rd Shannon Wright and KINGSFARM AKINDA SURPRISE Border Collie. Again a lovely display of handling by Shannon and I think you were well pleased with your canine pal. Just a bit of tidying up required with no major faults. Well done.

Over 18s

1st after running first, Zoe Gilbert with GOLDEN BWLCH BRACKEN Border Collie and what a gorgeous looking dog! Heelwork needs attention but you still came out on top of the pile today. Very well done.

2nd Lizzie Mason and STRICKLAND FLYER Wk.Sh. I assume Lizzie is sister to the 2nd in the over 12s if so, a very good day for the family. Just try and get your control before staring an exercise your dog has the ability. Well done.

3rd Anya Connolly and REV IT UP Cross. I think your dog was badly affected by the conditions which was a shame but you got in the line up at the end so well done on sticking with it.

The overall YKC Stakes winner was Abbie Nunn and MISS BESS who took home some lovely rosettes and glassware very well done on your success today.


1st Paul Watts and SOARING FRED Cross – Miniature Poodle and Jack Russell I understand and WOW, WOW, WOW what a little star and he certainly was soaring! He just made me smile, attentive, accurate and so proud of himself. He looked lovely in the Arena that evening with the “big boys” from the Obedience Championships. Very well done Paul and Fred.

2nd Ruth Stevens and CASAM LEONORA Flatcoated Retriever. One major mistake in heelwork costly today but what a dog and what a handler! This pair will definitely make the grade in open obedience and I hope you head in that direction. Very well done.

3rd Rachel Richards and GOODBYE MR. CHIPS Cross. I know how proud you were of your boy (as was your instructor when I was talking to her the next day). Excellent supportive handling for this little dog be proud of what you have achieved with him. Well done.

4th Wendy Osborne and OSSIES JUMPING JAX Wk.Sheepdog. Won the run off from the next team – another lovely working dog – 2nd to 5th were very close up and will change places on another day.

5th Janine Grinshill and GREAT GIFTED SUNSHINE LAD Labrador Retriever. I loved this boy, he so reminded me of my own Labrador. Lovely attitude, brill handling and generally a really happy pair.

That concluded our two days my sincere thanks to everyone concerned, whether in an organisational capacity or participating in the event.

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