Lichfield and District Dog Training Society Championship and Open Obedience Shows 1st and 2nd September 2018 Show Secretaries’ Report

This was our first year of ‘going it alone’ and what a year it was. We faced pretty much every problem possible on the lead up to the show but miraculously it was all alright on the night/weekend!

Congratulations to Philomena Barnes and Pauline Hill for winning the Championship C classes, good luck at Crufts!
We would also like to congratulate all the competitors in the Young Kennel Club classes who were placed and therefore gaining points towards qualification for Crufts 2019.

Before we go ahead to thank everyone who made the show what it was, a quick reminder to all. Our venue is a much loved public park, both by the local community and members of the obedience community who are given the privilege to hold a show there. This year and in years previous, the venue was well respected and left in exactly the same condition as before we arrived. However, there were a minority of people who were unable to comply with the 5mph speed limit, with some being rude to the car parking team when asked to slow down. As show secretaries we are not prepared to put any dogs, children or adults at risk of being hurt. In addition is the very real possibility of the council refusing to hire out the venue to us, in response to complaints from the local community.
Anybody who does not comply with the 5mph venue speed limit in 2019, will be noted and your entries will be refused the following year.
Rant over.

Sincere thanks to all of our judges, stewards, table stewards and decoys. In particular those who stepped in, as we had a bumper year of having to find replacements. We hope everyone who is unwell, has a speedy recovery. A special mention to Julie Sheldrake, for stepping in to steward just 15 minutes before judging started!

Shows cannot be successful without everybody who helps before, during and after the show itself. Thank you to all Lichfield club members who mucked in with anything and everything, to make the show a success. Special thanks go to Janice and Lucinda for manning the urn all weekend and do this every year for us, despite not competing in obedience themselves.

Our venue is not the biggest, but with the efficient and precise caravan warden team, we were able to cater for over 100 campers this weekend. Thank you to the whole team who did such an excellent job. Thanks also to Annegret, who manned the gate on Friday afternoon as well as Saturday and Sunday morning.

We are very grateful to our Chief Steward, Richard Kebble, for giving up his weekend to officiate at our show. It makes our life easier knowing that any ‘hard questions’ we cannot answer, he is a man who can!
Similarly, Roy Page and Maurice Yates we are so thankful to yourselves and all of the members of your fantastic stay teams. We admit that stays are the last thing on our mind when at the show, as we know that you have it all in hand! Thanks again.
Last but not least, our first aider Lisa Fellows. Thank you for being on standby again for us this year, in the most important role that we hope never to need!

The whole show was sponsored by CSJ, for which we are very grateful and hope each winner enjoyed their bag of goodies. This year we were also very fortunate to have Pre-beginners sponsored by Eliza Hollingsworth (Aloe Health and Pets), Beginners sponsored by Mark Hollingsworth (Rubberwebdogleadsandcollars) and YKC sponsored by Rick van Veeren. Thanks again for your kind generosity.

We hope to see everyone back again next year, including Mr. Sunshine! Our dates are Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September. We have plenty of judging vacancies for 2020 if anybody would like to judge for us – just get in touch!

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