Secretary’s report – Loughborough Shows

I would like to thank everyone concerned who helped to make our show run so smoothly, the judges and stewards, Marcia and all who helped in the stay ring, Bev Hughes and Betty Gibson for help setting up with the rings and Bev helping to book caravans in as well. Julia and Neil who come every year to help with the parking, then stay stewarding and finally decoy, Committee who set up the rings and were there helping with various jobs during the days, if I have missed anyone thank you, luckily the weather brightened up for us and it turned into a decent weekend weather wise once again, fingers crossed for next year.

We had a good night at the quiz again challenge is on to beat Rob Bint’s team next year they are on a winning streak.

We were not able to have a large skip to get rid of dog and caravan waste this year so had to approach the council for wheelie bins which were scattered around the show, on the lid it did say DOG WASTE ONLY so thank you to the few people who could not read and placed other rubbish in there which WE HAD TO FISH OUT – it was not a pleasant job believe me.

One more little gripe vehicles travelling to the back field, not all but some were driving at a dangerous speed, if a dog had of run out it could have been injured or possibly killed, what would you have said if it were your dog? Please think about this before next year and drive using common sense.

Anyway left at the show were one HI-Gear Jacket, one Ground Sheet with Black Bungee wrapped round it, one Red Stringed Dumbell, one Green Stringed Dumbell, one Furry Tuggy, one Red and Black Lead, one Plastic Tit Bit Bottle (did contain sausage), one Car Charger, one Black Plastic piece with pink stripes which has to be charged and finally one Scissor Chair still with label on, if any of these belong to you please contact me to arrange collection.

I have rosettes for the following people firstly the KC GCDS class 7th place N.Wakelin, 9th place B Stevens and 10th place L Pavitt. 5th place for Rebecca Boydell, 6th place Mr&Mrs SA Britton, 6th place V Ridgers, 6th place M Grundy, 6th place A Reynolds again contact me to arrange which shows you will be at so I can take there.

Ruth Lewis

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