Show report – Plantation Park

Plantation Park Weekend – lots of thank you’s and unfortunately a few moans ☹️ So we’ll start on a good note.

Thank you so much to all our lovely judges and their stewards. We need over 30 judges to keep this weekend going, so we appreciate anyone offering to give up one day competing to judge/steward instead. If you haven’t put your name down for next year please let one of us know, and many thanks to those who’ve already put their names down. Thanks to all the people who answered my plea for score stewards as well – much appreciated. Huge thanks as always to Paul Jordan our Chief Steward and thanks to Norfolk & Yarmouth clubs for letting us use your equipment – we couldn’t run these shows without all your stuff! Mega thanks to Rod White and Dick Blinch for being Chief Stay Stewards. Thanks also to our happy gang of stay stewards – namely Charlie Webley, Pat Jordan, Barry Fitter, Yvonne Percy and to the many others too numerous to mention, who helped out when needed in the stays over the weekend. Huge thanks to the day parkers – the 2 Steves (Clarke & Parmiter) and Massive Thanks and pats on the backs to Gloria Fountain & Helen Jeremy for guiding the campers into their allotted spaces – not an easy task, and extremely stressful when some campers start arguing and refusing to go on their allocated pitches! Most campers at PP know the situation here and appreciate how “cosy” the parking is. We know some of the roadways were a bit tight, and this has been noted and will be addressed next year. We didn’t need to be bad mouthed to all and sundry! It just means if we make the caravan pitches larger and widen the roadways, there will be less camping spaces!

Back to the nice stuff – Mega thanks to Vanda Fitter for once again taking all the dirty scent cloths to wash & iron. Thanks to Glynis Smith for the lovely selection of cakes again – much appreciated xx

Lastly, thanks to Darren, Jo and John of Plantation Park for the use of their fabulous venue and for all their help. We hope most of you enjoyed your weekend and will come again. Hopefully some of you will have learned how to watch your dogs and pick up after them by next year!! Hint hint ! Sadly it seemed to be a major problem this year ?

Love from Team ElmRock

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