Show secretary’s report – East Anglian 5 of Clubs

I don’t know where to start!!!!

As a few of you know, we ran our first open obedience show, at Plaintation Park, on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July, and I’m still on cloud nine, about the whole experience.

It has been a year in the planning, and worth every minute.
So I would just like to say a few thanks ( without sounding like an oscars speak lol)

Thank you to Jo and John Hilditch, and Darren , for all your hard work.
Thanks to all our wonderful judges, stewards and scoreboards.

Thank you to Dave and Elaine Gillet, for stepping in to judge and steward, and of course Teresa Patterson, you all did a wonderful job.

Thanks to Paul Jordan for being our chief steward, and helping me with the KC field officer ( DID I MENTION WE GOT AN EXCELLENT CERTIFICATE lol ?)
Thanks to our wonderful chief stay stewards, and to Terry Donaldson ( we wish you well soon) thanks Nick, Tony, Helen, Gloria, for all you help parking and caravan parking.

Thank you to our chief stay stewards, Rod and Dick, and all those that came along to help in the stay ring.

Thank you to Great Yarmouth and Norfolk Broads club, for the loan of your equipment.

Thank you John Westell, for your first aid support, and a very special thank you to Kath Westell, for giving me so much help and guidance, through this whole experience, in fact thanks to all the Elmrock crew, for your helpful information.

A huge thank you, to those who came to our rescue, and helped us put up and take down the equipment ( you know who you are , thank you ) and thank you to all our lovely competitors, who despite the heat, had lovely smiles on their faces, and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Some very special thanks goes to those 3 other ladies, which made this all possible, Sue Jaggers, Linda Bland, and Jen Furness, you are FAB-U-LOUS, you worked so hard the week before the show, and after, and was still laughing and joking Sunday night, I’m so proud to have you as mates.

Last but not least , I would like to thank my long suffering husband (who took a weeks holiday just to come and help us).

I would like to say thank you Nick Portch , for putting up with me, and my obsession with collies and dogs shows, where would I be without you!

If I have forgotten anyone, please accept my apologies, as this is my first year I’m still learning, thank you.

We will be back next year, and we hope you will support us.

Thanks again
Linda Portch
Show Secretary

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