Show Secretary’s Report – Hatchford Brook

As another Hatchford Brook Show draws to an end with just a few caravans to go this morning I’d like to thank everyone who made this weekend a success. Even the weather pulled out all the stops to give us virtually wall to wall sunshine.

First of all a big thank you to all the judges, stewards, Marcia and her stay team and chief stewards John Ball and Jane Barstow. Without you all we wouldn’t have a show. Also thank you to the decoy stewards and table stewards for all your help.

A very big thank you to all the committee members and helpers who arrived early Friday morning to help set up and worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to make the show a success. Also a special big thank you to Mike Jenkins who retires as treasurer this year. Mike has been treasurer for many years, we will all miss you after all your years of hard work, but we all hope you’ll still come and see us next year.

We had a lovely array of activity up by the club house with a 5 vehicle Fiat display sponsored by Johnson’s and arranged by Paul Dowd, Petneeds, The Frying Squad, Pet-ography on Saturday and our very own Bagolla stall manned by Emily and Katie. You did a fantastic job girls. Well done!! I don’t know yet how much you have made yet, but this will all be donated to charity.

Finally Well Done to all the winners this weekend and to all the competitors who hopefully enjoyed their weekend. We hope to see you all again next year for another great show

Annette Dowd
Show Secretary

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