Show Secretary’s Report – Loughborough

Loughborough Shows.

A big thank you to all our judges and stewards who gave their day up so you could work your dogs, without people like them there would be no shows for any of us.

Thank you to everyone who helped in some way shape or form, Tony, Delia, Jill Jacki, Cheryl, Diane, Sam and Denise not forgetting Sam’s partner and Cheryl’s hubby and son who helped taking everything down after the show.

Thank you to Lyn and Mick Tozer who helped setting up, Anthony Snook first aider for the weekend, Julie and Neill doing the car parking both days and help with scent decoy etc.

Thank you to Bev on the scoreboards both days and a big thank you to Janet Beverley for all the help she gaves us both days, it was most welcome.

Don’t think I have forgotten anyone but if I have thank you as well.

The show went very well both days Saturday morning we had a cool breeze but it did warm up later in the day but one consolation at least it was dry all weekend.

Thank you to all competitors for clearing up, after walking the bottom field no rubbish at all was left or any dog waste either so thank you.

We didn’t have such a big turn out this year for the quiz but I think those that went enjoyed it, you donated very generously towards Lou Jackson’s charity which ended up with just over £400 I am sure the rescue place will be pleased with the money.

If anyone would like to judge for us next year please contact me and those that did this year I hope you enjoyed the bottle of wine.

Nearly forgot the surprise get together Sheilagh Hyde organised for Bill Pykett’s birthday on the eigth of June who will be 80 and still judging, well done Bill and I hope you enjoy your special day. I had to jiggle his lunch time to fit it in but it all worked out in the end, I think Bill was lost for words for once he was quite surprised.

Thank you all once again now to start on next years show.

Ruth Lewis

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