Show Secretary’s Report – Prestwick

The first show since covid it was great to be back at the beautiful venue of Rozelle Park. We really are so lucky to have such a fabulous venue with so many great walks. The ground in both the main field and camping field is just perfect and held up to the heavy rain on Thursday night and all day Friday.

The weather was kind to us on Saturday and Sunday just a bit windy.

Thanks to Bobby for sorting out the camping spots and his helpers Craig and Adam me and Denise decided to leave them to it best not involved in that department. Great job done as usual everyone had plenty of space.

Massive thanks to Denise and Bobby who are there when I need them them not just on the show but the run up too. There was a great band of helpers and I can’t thank Adam, Hazel. Dave who helped endlessly during the weekend the help was very much appreciated.

Thank you to Kirsten and Adam on car parking also thanks to my bag ladies and to everyone who popped in looking for jobs to help with.

Thank you to Gillian and John from Prestwick club also coming along to the show offering helping hands.

This was the first show since loosing my Mum and I decided to have slates made to be gifted to each winner it started off with just the Pre-beginners and beginners because they were the classes my Mum most enjoyed to judge but I then decided to get them for all winners. Linda Portch I can’t thank you enough for making these for me they were absolutely beautiful all that I wanted and more just perfect.

Thanks to my brother David for donating one of his gas showers which was won by Helen Murray great prize to win.

Thanks also to everyone who donated raffles.Massive thanks to all judges. stewards, scribes for giving up your day and thanks to the decoys a couple of people did it for the first time and enjoyed being involved.

Lastly thank you to Prestwick D.T.C for entrusting the show in my hands and just letting me get on with the job.

Well done Karen Aarons winning Bitch CC and making your girl up to a champion (subject to KC approval) well done Emma and Ghost winning the Dog CC was lovely to see him winning a ticket in his homeland and getting one of my Mums slate trophies.

Well done to everyone who won and got placed over the weekend. See you all next year.

Karen Otto
Show Secretary

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