Show Secretary’s Report – Newbury

Oh my word. What a show that was. So many things went wrong but as always it comes right at the end – except that it didn’t for one class. But that has all been rectified now. All rosettes and the trophy sent off. Apologies all round. It was a shame that it happened, for the first time ever, on the very last show being held at Chieveley. But we are okay now.

Talking of rosettes. You all know the problem I had with Rosettes Direct wanting 8 weeks notice!!, so I found this Summerfieldrosettes21 off Amazon/EBay who verbally guaranteed their arrival by 27th May but which actually arrived on 6th June, BUT they hadn’t put the NDDTS on the tails although I had paid for them to do just that.. I was disappointed but at least we had rosettes. Hooray.

Before that happened I was forwarding all the entries sent to me on to the printer but one envelope with 13 entries in it got lost. Luckily I kept a record of everyone’s, name, cheque, classes etc so was able to contact every ‘lost’ person and add them, belatedly, to their respective classes. Becky is an exceptional and helpful Printer thank goodness.

We had several judge changes. Poor Bill didn’t know what he was judging, he was changed so much but whatever I threw at him he was his usual wonderful self and simply said OK. To all the other changed judges I thank you so much for your patience and to the non-changed ones – you know I thank you very much just for being you. I hope Carol Bath has fully recovered from her illness and able to enjoy working with her treasured dogs again.

Saturday dawned fine, bright and sunny and the original team of Carol, Angie Ruth and I arrived and had fun marking out the rings, so carefully and successfully planned by the intrepid Angie. That is such a fun day and is one of my own highlights. The rest of the ‘crew’ arrived later and set to work putting up the rings etc etc. It was lovely to see so many busy people working together, happily. They all worked their socks off and were ready to receive the four caravans when they arrived – later.

Sunday was again sunny and bright. We were there by 7am to find Kate and Jane already up and at it. I am incarcerated in the hall today, sorting out the 9 bags and boxes of kit and papers, needed to finish the show preparation. The burger van was up and ready for business very early and the smell, even inside the hall, was amazing and mouth watering. They also excelled with the afternoon teas. People were so happy to have a delicious snack to devour before their journey home. I hope Sarah’s Grills made their quotas.

We were graced with the presence of HRH The Queen, and her Corgi, Kate and William and to keep them company the wonderful Cliffy. Lots of photos were taken with them.

We had several items for our excellent Chief Steward. David Moxon, to solve. What an excellent job he did, with no fuss, a real treasure. I just had to mention a problem and there he was, solving it. Amazing. Thank you David.

Lunch was again a triumph with Beef Bourguignon and Chestnut and Mushroom stroganoff on the menu and Key Lime pie and Chocolate Strawberries for pudding. Wow. What more could anyone ask for.

I don’t know if you saw the birthing of St John’s Ambulance people. I booked two, and they turned up, very early, followed by another one and then – a fourth man. Thank goodness we didn’t need them but they were there ready and waiting. Great stuff.

During the day we were given many possibilities to explore for future venues to hold next year’s show – several were provided by the StJA volunteers and if anyone knows what there is about and if it would be suitable for a dog show it would be them, as they patrol this type of event all the time. So there is hope for next year. ~We shall just have to wait and see.

Then THE problem raised its ugly head. I have no idea how it happened but it did and I am so sorry. But as soon as I got home the following Monday I set about sending the Trophy and rosettes off post-haste to their rightful owners. Well done to you all and Congrats to Dee. I also had 6 Specials to send off but only two were sent as I only had two numbers to send them to. No clue on the results sheets or the actual rosettes. And for my delight I had five little plastic boxes of smelly dog treats (now gone). Also I had two dumbells left – one had a full address and I have contacted that entrant – the other just had KILO on. Anyone know who this could be?

Then came the worse part of the Show – Clearing up and cleaning out. Its such a sad occasion and everyone tries to help and get themselves home as fast as possible. My bags and boxes get mixed and muddled and, as most Show Secretaries know, things get so messed up it takes several days to sort it out.

Well that about it. Fingers crossed for next year. But thank you all for coming and giving us such a brilliant day with brilliant people and in brilliant weather.

God Bless Doreen – Show Sec

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