Show secretary’s report – York City

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who attended York City DTC show today, Thank you to all the judges and stewards who gave up their day. Thank you to everyone who helped in one way or another and for all the lovely comments I received throughout the day.

This show was my 3rd year as Show Secretary and first time at this new venue, I feel I’m still learning the ropes, so you can imagine my panic when The Kennel Club rep turned up, although nearly everything went smoothly and he was very impressed with the venue and team moral.

The venue was amazing and we were so lucky to be allowed to host a dog show at a school. That said, it is incredibly disappointing how many people didn’t pick up after their dog! I just don’t understand how selfish, lazy and thoughtless people can be, if ever there was a way to loose a venue this is certainly it! And it’s not like we didn’t have lots of bins and bags out!

IF we are able to keep the venue for next year I am putting an appeal out now for judges please, I got 5 kind volunteers today, but need 7 more please.

Lost property: I seem to of gained a defibrillator!!! Who’s is this please? And also an awning from the back of a car, someone drove away without it.

Once again thank you everyone (well not to the 20+ people who didn’t pick up after their dog) hopefully see you all next year.

Hannah Winship

Show secretary

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